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Lead – what is it?

A lead is simply a person who has a relatively high probability of becoming your client. These are all people who visited your website, social media or opened the e-mail message you received and showed interest in the product or service.


Why is it worth generating leads?

Lead generation allows you to focus your activities on the group of people most likely to aspire to buy the product. You can decide to generate leads yourself or outsource this task to specialists. By using the latter solution, you give yourself time to establish positive relationships with customers, thanks to which it will be easier for you to persuade them to make a purchase.

In addition to the contact details themselves, obtaining leads helps in collecting other important information that is important for the appropriate adaptation of marketing activities to the specificity of customers (including data on the purchasing habits of your target group).


How to implement lead generation?

Social media marketing

Sales leads can be obtained in several ways. One of them is social media. Lead generation, using such sales channels as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, allows you to obtain valuable contact details, among others thanks to the possibility of targeting. This means that social media allows you to segment your customers. People visiting your profile are already interested in a specific industry. Thanks to this, you can create a database with contacts to people who correspond to your target group.


Content marketing

This is a method that allows you to put your blog, social media, landing pages and a whole host of other sources to work. Generating leads is done by creating interesting, attention-grabbing content. It is also a good method of acquiring customers who are reluctant to leave their data, especially if you offer them additional content, such as fragments of an e-book or access to part of the training.



By adjusting the website for SEO, you give yourself a chance to be high in Google search results. Thanks to this, you increase people on your website, and thus – it generates more leads!

Lead generation offers a whole host of other possibilities. If you would like to outsource the generation of leads to real specialists, and thus achieve amazing results, we invite you to cooperate!

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