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When operating in the e-commerce industry, you must remember that only thanks to efficient communication and quick response to customer actions you will be able to adapt to market requirements. Currently, there are a huge number of tools to improve customer service and communication with them. To choose the most suitable, however, you need to know exactly what the automation is intended for.  

What is Marketing Automation?

Whether your business is a clothing store, real estate agency, or online bookstore, there are a few things you will have a hard time surviving without. The first is data on customer expectations. The second – the opportunity to present your brand as widely as possible. And finally, the third – generating interest that will encourage you to buy a specific product or service. Much could be further mentioned. But how can all these things be achieved as quickly as possible? Marketing automation is the answer to this question. Marketing automation is about taking actions and using tools to improve all sales-related processes. In short – using the achievements of technology to increase and accelerate it. This can be done in many ways.  

Contact forms

If you want your website to convert well, you need to take care of the user experience. Therefore, its operation (switching between tabs, making purchases, contact with the company, etc.) should require as little effort as possible from him. By posting a short contact form, you make your customers less likely to resign from the offer, and in addition they will be more likely to share their data with you.  

Individual e-mails for each recipient

The so-called “dynamic e-mails” generated by marketing automation systems. Their content is individually adapted to each recipient, based on their behavior. Such messages are sent in response to a specific user behavior (e.g. sending the contents of an abandoned cart).  

What can you achieve with marketing automation?

Customer identification Self-sending email (and thus much more efficient and effective email marketing) is just one of the benefits. Automation primarily allows you to obtain information about Internet users who visit your website. It is on their basis that a properly personalized offer should be created.  

Sales management

Another important advantage of marketing automation is facilitating the management of sales processes. There are tools on the market that help you track website traffic, conversions, customer behavior and a number of other important things. You can get to know, among other interests of your customers and see which elements of your website attract their attention the most.  

Quick response and adapting to customer needs

In marketing, it is also very important to react quickly. Because of it you will be able to use as many opportunities as possible. An appropriate system supporting the collection of information and conducting research is a great facilitation and time saving. Marketing automation allows you to track the movements and interactions of each user of your website in real time.  

Increasing the company’s profits

All these features make your marketing efforts much more effective. You can improve the level of your communication, send advertisements better suited to the needs of Internet users and increase the profits of your company. In addition, marketing automation allows you to shorten your valuable time devoted to individual activities. Automation of marketing activities also means that your offer has a chance to reach a much larger number of customers.  

Learning about customer behavior patterns

One of the goals of automation is to collect information effectively. This is especially important in the e-commerce industry. The more you look at your customers’ actions, the easier it will be for you to observe the patterns they follow. How much time do they spend and where? What services related to your industry do they need the most? Is email marketing more effective in their case, or e.g. Google campaigns? Once you know the patterns of behavior, you will be able to choose the tools that will effectively help you increase traffic on the website, and therefore also the potential level of sales.  

Control of abandoned carts

The analysis of abandoned shopping carts is a nightmare for all online store owners. Marketing automation allows not only to analyze them, but also to persuade the customer to continue shopping. In this way, you give yourself a chance to achieve your business goal by 67% (because this is exactly how many customers statistically do not complete transactions).  

Does marketing automation have any other advantages?

Yes. Marketing automation tools also allow you to track the location of the visitor to the website. This is particularly important in the case of businesses with a smaller range (but not only). Another big advantage is obtaining information on how customers know about a given website. Thanks to this, you can easily define how you should communicate with them.  

What marketing automation systems to use?

There are many email marketing tools available on the market today. However, they have different functions. Therefore, we recommend the Active Campaign platform to companies that would like to start using marketing automation. It enables marketing automation with the purchase of the basic package. Thanks to this, creating marketing funnels will be much easier and will take only a few minutes! The platform is tailored to the needs of both small and medium-sized companies. It allows to integrate your system with many different applications, obtain customer data to create a list of the most promising contacts and automate follow-ups!  


Marketing automation can give very good results, but on one condition. You need to know your goal and the profile of customers who are likely to be interested in your offer. Only then you will be able to correctly target your campaign, obtain information relevant to marketing purposes and persuade the customer to click on the box next to the “I consent to the processing of my personal data…” clause. Otherwise, all sales processes may become misguided and result in a failure.   Are you thinking about improving your communication with clients, automating your websites, increasing your sales level and spreading your wings in the e-commerce industry? If so, we invite you to cooperate with us! Our agency effectively helps in marketing automation, conducting effective marketing campaigns and increasing traffic on websites. We can successfully guide you through the entire process! We will take a number of actions to improve your marketing and increase your sales!

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