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Facebook and Instagram are essential today. And especially if you are serious about your business and want to effectively reach your target group. That is why it is almost a duty today to use these portals in your advertising campaigns and brand image building.

Why conduct social media activities?

Because thanks to this you can build your audience interested in specific topics, and thus gain new customers! Most large, small and medium-sized companies already take advantage of this opportunity, and therefore a fanpage on Facebook, an Instagram profile or activities in other media (i.e. Linkedin or Twitter) are basically an obligation today.

Likes, followers and commitment – this is another reason. This is because social media allows you to persuade potential customers to take specific actions, which gives you the opportunity to establish a stronger relationship with them. And more attached customers will be more likely to shop!

Facebook fanpage and Instagram profile (Linkedin, Twitter, Tik-Tok…) also have a significant impact on website positioning. Why? Because they help to increase brand recognition, and thus its name is more and more often entered in the Google search engine!

In addition, social media is important for one more reason – they give you access to almost 20 million Poles who use them! And it is worth noting that on a global scale this number is much larger!

Running a fanpage on Facebook

Social media is a perfect solution for people who want to build a recognizable brand, but under several conditions. First of all, even the most interesting and eye-catching advertising campaigns will not increase the number of your potential customers if they do not reach the right people. After all, it makes no sense to advertise cat food to everyone or encourage them to buy a diving kit.

The first thing to do is to carefully analyse your target audience and what their competitors are offering. Review carefully what style they are addressing their audience. Study the opinions. Pay particular attention to the negative ones, because they show you the field to show off.

Follow the strategy. Running a fanpage blindly will make your website look like the pages of hundreds of users – a series of random thoughts, events, photos, etc. However, advertising campaigns have a completely different goal and therefore should look different.

Activate users. Posting and leaving them alone doesn’t have to bring the desired results. Therefore, ask questions, encourage comments, post curiosities and polls! Social media is not a gallery – user activity should not end with viewing photos and passive reading.

Insta activity? Why not!

Although Facebook is still the king of social media, Instagram is quickly catching up with it. Its great advantage is the role of photography publication. Thanks to this, you can reach even those customers who do not visit your profile – for this purpose, you need to choose the appropriate hashtags. In addition, we must remember that our Instagram profile should be full of really good photos and graphics. It does not change the fact that the quality of the content should go hand in hand with the quality of photography, i.e. be of the highest possible quality!


You probably noticed that for some time now, there are stories on both Facebook and Instagram that are displayed for 24 hours. They allow you to reach your audience all the time because they do not slide down to the bottom. They are the so-called stories, i.e. stories uploaded by different users. They can take the form of photos or short videos. This is a very good way to announce our plans – new services, products, events, etc. Therefore, it is important to publish them when they reach the largest number of users, in accordance with the rules of conducting all activities in social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin – they can do more together!

Social media can complement each other very well. However, you must remember that the profiles should be consistent and present complementary content. Such action will allow us to post links to the content that we post on these social networks, thereby increasing traffic on each of them.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your activities in social media? Or maybe you are wondering how much it costs to run a fanpage on Facebook? If so – please contact us!


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