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Effective email marketing is a powerful force. It allows you to quickly reach a large number of customers, build a personal database, send advertisements via e-mail and run mailing campaigns. It also makes contact with the client much easier – one click is enough to visit your website. However, you must remember that e-mail marketing has its own laws. It can be implemented in the form of newsletters, messages redirecting to the landing page or other form of mailing.


What can you achieve by using e-mail marketing?

Marketing with the use of electronic messages allows you to send offers in a fast and convenient way. It also allows you to check how many users read messages. Thanks to special conversion research tools, you can also check how the campaign affects the sales level. Thanks to the possibility of buying a database focused on a specific topic, e-mail marketing also allows you to reach a specific group of customers. Such action significantly increases the likelihood that customers to whom we will direct our campaign will become interested in our offer, and not consider it as spam.


How is an email marketing campaign different from simply sending out messages?

The main difference is the goal. By sending an e-mail with the offer, we want customers not only to read it, but most of all to use what we offer them. However, it must be remembered that we will not be able to achieve this goal if the client does not open our message. Therefore, one of the most important elements is an interesting and original headline (we don’t want to disappear into the sea of spam and greyness!).

Each e-mail campaign must also be properly personalized. This means that it does not address it to the general public, but to specific people. That is why we need to get to know their needs and interests in detail. Our offer is to serve not only to earn, but above all to meet someone’s expectations!

If you conduct marketing activities in the field of e-commerce, you probably know that entering a website is much less engaging for the customer than coming to a stationary store. And that brings with it a lesser sense of commitment. People who run online stores know this very well. One of their most important problems is the so-called abandoned carts, i.e. unfinished transactions. Therefore, it is important to ensure the greatest possible convenience for customers and improve communication. In the case of e-marketing campaigns, in addition to transparency, an important element is the so-called call to action, i.e. information about what the customer should do to take advantage of our offer. Most often it is in the form of an incentive, i.e. “Contact us” or “click the link below and fill out a short registration form”.



This message is primarily used to build a relationship with the client. It should attract attention and encourage customers to communicate further. It also often includes an incentive to buy a product or use a service.

Marketing with the help of newsletters allows for direct communication with the client and at the same time bearing relatively low costs. If we use the right message sending strategy, we can increase our conversion by up to several dozen percent! However, it is important to follow a few rules. In addition to a properly created database of personal data and an interesting header, you also need to take care of the content that will encourage your customers to consent to the use of data for marketing purposes (i.e. sending information about offers).

It is also worth remembering that you can include links in the newsletter. Thanks to this, it can be an effective tool for increasing traffic on your company’s website or landing page.


E-mail remarketing

It is a form of e-mail marketing that reminds customers who have visited your website in the past. Thanks to this, we can define our target audience more precisely or “save” abandoned baskets. In addition, the effectiveness of sending an e-mail message once may not be sufficient as a large proportion of recipients will probably read it and “postpone the transaction” (and then simply forget). Therefore, if we want to increase the effectiveness of our campaign, we should consider the possibility of re-sending the mailing.


How to conduct e-mail marketing step by step?

Like all campaigns, email marketing should follow specific strategies. Each agency is slightly different in this respect. However, there are always four basic steps that must be followed.


Step 1 – planning your mailing campaign

Good communication plays a special role at this point. It aims to thoroughly analyze the specifics of the business and the group of recipients to whom the mailing will be addressed. Like all other marketing campaigns, it is ultimately designed to incentivize you to make a purchase. That is why it is very important that each e-mail contains information about the needs that the client will be able to satisfy if he/she uses our offer.


Step 2 – preparing the personal database

Having the personal data of a specific group of people, we are able to establish contact and create an opportunity to provide the most important marketing information. By addressing messages to specific users, we also build the image of our own brand.


Step 3 – creating creative content

Mailing is a very popular method these days. Every day, hundreds of messages from various companies end up in our inboxes. Therefore, our way of communicating information should be unique to our company. This applies to the content of the message as well as the graphics or header.


Step 4 – testing and optimization

Even if we think we have done everything right, unfortunately we have to remember that intuition leads down a blind alley. We still have to check whether our mailing is actually effective. If not, we may not have adjusted our mailing group or shipping time accordingly. Or maybe you need to do a little database correction? There may be many reasons for this. And our email marketing suffers from every neglect.


Our agency effectively helps in running mailing campaigns. We have a huge amount of messages sent, contacts gained, relationships established and satisfied users. Therefore, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your e-mails or simply start conducting effective e-mail marketing, we will be happy to support your actions! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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