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Are you looking for a proven team that will professionally prepare your website and which you can rely on after completing the order? If so, look no further! Contact us for a free website valuation.

01. Are you looking for an agency that creates professional websites?

As an agency, we have been creating websites since 2015 and since then we have completed over 300 individual projects for over 200 clients.

We know from experience that thanks to proven strategies, websites can’t only be a showcase of the company, but also be an effective trader generating online results.

The websites we create are tailored to the needs and problems that your customers have. They build trust and a sense of understanding. This significantly affects their conversion and the number of contacts obtained on the Internet.

We guarantee professional services, high quality… all at a reasonable investment price.

Website development can be fun and easy! We will take care of the entire process! Check out how we do it!

02. What does the process of creating a professional website look like?

Ordering a website from our agency is a guarantee that it will be designed from A to Z according to your expectations. Web design is our bread and butter and we know how to do it well!

Stage 1: Prototype design (UX)

The first stage of creating a website is to prepare a prototype.

At the beginning we will help you create a concept of your website. We’ll ask you to fill in a simple brief, after which we design a prototype (mockup) of the entire website. This way you will see the design of the website and learn how its section structure, layout of tabs and subpages will look like.

At this stage, we will establish paths for users to use the site. We create it in such a way as to make it as intuitive and comfortable in use as possible for the potential customer.

Strony Internetowe  - Tworzenie makiet prototypów stron www - Two Colours


The prototype is presented and discussed during the on-line presentation. Online meetings will allow us to design the project well.

At this stage, we’ll also offer you initial text suggestions for slogans and headlines and indicate what content we need. Of course, we will be happy to help you write texts for your website. Among our services is copywriting … because in the end, creating websites isn’t just graphics and code, but good content.

Stage 2: Graphic Design (UI)

After approving the prototype project, we’re able to proceed to the next stage, which is graphic design. We design websites using the best graphic program on the market – Figma.

The project is prepared in accordance with the latest graphic trends and the aesthetics of your brand.

This stage is divided into two smaller sub-steps – in the first one the main page will be created, and then we design the rest of the website’s tabs. Every step is consulted with you, which guarantees that everything will be tailored to your needs… and the needs of your customers.

Stage 3: Coding the website on WordPress

We create a website using WordPress CMS. This is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) which gives a lot of possibilities. We can create anything here!

A website can be created in two ways. With the use of Page Builder (graphic editor) or Custom Code (dedicated code). The way it’s coded depends on your goal, budget and needs.

We don’t forget about mobile devices either! The website must be responsive (RWD – Responsive Web Design) to display well on any screen. We follow the “Mobile First” trend, in which we should take care of mobile users first and adjust all the web pages of our site to the screens of phones and tablets.

We also take care of adding the necessary terms and conditions, consents and a cookie bar signaling about the cookie policy.

What is Page Builder (graphic editor)?

We can create a website with the help of Page Builder. This is an option for clients who care about a good price, speed of implementation and the ability to edit each element on their own. This solution is perfect for small companies, personal brands, blogs, landing page projects or if you want to build a small online store. You can use it to create custom pages for specific marketing campaigns! The only challenge of this solution is to optimize the loading speed in Google test – especially for mobile devices. However, thanks to a special optimization plugin, we are able to get the best results for the speed of the page created using the graphic creator.

What is Custom Code (Dedicated code)?

This is a way of creating websites where a programmer codes the pages from scratch using as little code and additional plugins as possible. Thanks to that the website is not overloaded and its optimization for Google test is much simpler and you can get the highest results. This is a solution for demanding clients who expect the highest page performance and dedicated solutions.

Stage 4: Completing the page content and texts

Initially, the website will be filled with filler content. This makes it easy to represent what texts the website needs. Based on these, the texts should be written.

website positioning.

The website should have such texts to build trust among customers, present them with your offer and lead to conversion (i.e. reaching our business goal).

The website will be easy to use and it will be easy for you to edit the content and add texts later.

Stage 5: Optimizing your website and move it to your server

One of the last stages of creating a website is optimizing it. Websites are optimized for speed, Google and for technical SEO (on site SEO). Optimization can be a routine action covering general activities or a long-term process. The degree of optimization depends mainly on the price of the project and the client’s budget.

Before this happens, we move the websites to our clients’ servers.

Stage 6: Technical service of the website

Just like cars, websites need to be serviced from time to time. What should be taken care of while maintaining the website:

  • Professional 24/7 website protection against viruses
  • Regularly update website plug-ins
  • Regular backups of website files
  • Updates to website template and WordPress CMS

As part of the website technical support service, we also provide a minimum of one hour technical support, as part of which you will have the opportunity to report to our agency any corrections to your website or benefit from a consultation.

With such service, you can be sure of the website’s security and its proper operation.

As you can see creating websites is a complex process. But don’t worry! We are here to guide you by the hand to your dream website!

Web design is our passion. Contact us and learn more about our offer.

03. Why do I need a website?

A website can serve many functions in the marketing of your company.

You see, the promotion of a company these days is moving to the Internet to a very large extent. It’s estimated that in 2020, the online sales market in Poland increased to a record level of PLN 43.5 billion, and forecasts indicate that by 2023 it will be PLN 58 billion (data from

Especially in times of the pandemic and COVID-19, more and more companies are choosing to sell online. Your business can’t be left behind. This is crucial when it comes to business survival.

What do you need a website for?

Offer presentation

The website should contain your offer that you can provide to customers. These can be, for example, your company’s services. We should also take care of the positioning of each of them, so it’s best to create separate tabs for all services.

Presentation of the uniqueness of the company

What makes customers buy from you? Your uniqueness. Something you provide them that they wouldn’t experience elsewhere. This can be a component of the many qualities that make up the individuality of your business.

Online sale of products

Your website can be equipped with an e-commerce store so you can sell products online. Integration with a payment gateway such as PayByLink or PayU will provide you with online sales automation.

Acquiring leads and inquiries from the Internet

With a contact form, you can not only build a contact page, but create an opportunity for people to sign up for a free consultation. This will increase the contact rank of your company, where a free consultation replaces a sales conversation.

You can also create a dedicated landing page with a tailored marketing message and contact form. This is how you acquire leads online.

Building a landing page for products or services

Landing page is the best way to focus your customer’s attention on your product or service. Thanks to a dedicated page dedicated to a single purpose, we increase conversions.

The purpose of a landing page may be to sell a product, sign up for a mailing database, get a contact to an interested customer, or redirect to another page on the Internet.

Building expertise in blog articles

The WordPress CMS comes with blog functionality that allows you to easily add articles to your site. Sharing your knowledge positions your company as an expert. It’s a great place to show off your projects, build a relationship with the client and gain trust.

Blog articles can also perfectly position your website!

Creating on-line courses and selling them

WordPress CMS allows you to add many add-ons to it. One of them might be a platform functionality for creating video courses that you can sell on your site. This is often referred to as a VOD (video on demand) platform, which is a system that makes video content available from any device once you log into your account. Online courses are a great idea to make extra money for your business, expand your offerings, get new customers from the web and stand out in the market.

Building a mailing database

You can create a landing page and in return for entering an e-mail address, you can provide free and valuable content (for example, a report, e-book, presentation). Visitors to obtain this material must sign up for a special form that is integrated with the autoresponder or marketing automation system. This allows you to build an email database that can be used for subsequent sales activities and marketing campaigns.

Do you want to equip your company with a professional website?

04. Contact us

Our agency proves that creating websites can be an exciting process!

We invite you to cooperate with us! It’s worth it.

Contact us and we will present you a dedicated cooperation plan, implementation time and prices of our services. We will also advise you on how to promote your company online and provide all information.

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– Dawid Kotrys

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