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It is a way of creating websites in which the developer codes pages from scratch using as little code and additional plugins as possible. Thanks to this, the page is not overloaded and its optimization for the Google test is much simpler and you can get the highest results. It is a solution for demanding customers who expect the highest achievements of the website and dedicated solutions.

01. Are you looking for an agency that creates professional websites?

As an agency, we have been creating websites since 2015 and since then we have completed over 300 individual projects for over 200 clients.

We know from experience that thanks to proven strategies, websites can’t only be a showcase of the company, but also be an effective trader generating online results.

The websites we create are tailored to the needs and problems that your customers have. They build trust and a sense of understanding. This significantly affects their conversion and the number of contacts obtained on the Internet.

We guarantee professional services, high quality… all at a reasonable investment price.

Website development can be fun and easy! We will take care of the entire process! Check out how we do it!

What is Custom Code (dedicated project)


Custom Code is a way of creating websites from scratch. It consists in the fact that the programmer tries to code the pages using as few characters as possible. It also tries to limit the number of additional plugins. Thanks to this, the page is not overloaded and its optimization for the Google test is much easier. Consequently, its positioning is more effective. It is a solution for demanding customers who expect the highest achievements of the website and dedicated solutions.

How to create dedicated websites?

First of all, you need to create an individual graphic design. Your website has to stand out, which is not that easy these days. Creating a website based on a ready-made template may seem tempting, but remember that this way you will not stay in the minds of customers for long!

Creating a mock-up

Before we start a specific design, you need to create a sketch. One that will contain an outline of the arrangement of all elements within each subpage. Intuitive, practical and comfortable. Thanks to this, we are able to detect possible errors and shortcomings already at the basis of creating the website!

Agreeing on details

When the sketch is ready, we agree with each client his/her visual preferences. Only then we move on to creating graphics in line with the client’s expectations, adapted both to the needs of people using the website with the help of a computer and on mobile devices.


This is the stage at which your dedicated website should be completely designed. This is where the webmaster codes the final page. This does not mean, of course, that your website will not be able to change anymore. On the contrary – website development is the norm these days – you have to keep up with the changing trends and technical requirements! For this, however, you need to remember that the code is properly organized. Otherwise, making changes to web pages is much more difficult.

Do you agree that a dedicated website is the solution especially for you?

If so, give me a high-five! You’ve come to the right place. We are happy to create a website design for you, tailored to the needs of you and your clients. After all, creating websites is our bread and butter. Contact us and we will make an individual graphic design for you, we will adapt and code it accordingly!

We invite you to cooperate with us! It’s worth it.

Contact us and we will present you a dedicated cooperation plan, implementation time and prices of our services. We will also advise you on how to promote your company online and provide all information.

Contact us can be found in this tab

– Dawid Kotrys

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