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A website can be created in two ways. Using Page Builder (graphic editor) or Custom Code (dedicated code). How you encode it depends on your goal, budget, and needs.

01. Are you looking for an agency that creates professional websites?

As an agency, we have been creating websites since 2015 and since then we have completed over 300 individual projects for over 200 clients.

We know from experience that thanks to proven strategies, websites can’t only be a showcase of the company, but also be an effective trader generating online results.

The websites we create are tailored to the needs and problems that your customers have. They build trust and a sense of understanding. This significantly affects their conversion and the number of contacts obtained on the Internet.

We guarantee professional services, high quality… all at a reasonable investment price.

Website development can be fun and easy! We will take care of the entire process! Check out how we do it!

02. Coding a website on WordPress

We create a website using CMS WordPress. It is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) offering enormous possibilities. We can really create anything here!

We also do not forget about mobile devices! The website must be responsive (RWD – Responsive Web Design) in order to display well on any display. We follow the “Mobile First” trend, in which the first one should take care of mobile users and adapt all the pages of our website to the screens of phones and tablets.

We also take care of adding the necessary regulations, consents and a cookie bar signaling about the cookie policy.

We can make the website using Page Builder. This option is intended for customers who care about a good price, speed of implementation and the possibility of independent editing of each element. This solution is perfect for small businesses, personal brands, blogs, landing page projects or if you want to build a small online store. With it, you can create your own websites for specific marketing campaigns! The only challenge of this solution is to optimize the loading speed in the Google test – especially for mobile devices. However, thanks to a special optimization plugin, we are able to get the best results of the page speed created with the help of a graphic creator.

What is Custom Code with ACF (dedicated code)

It is a way of creating websites in which the programmer codes websites from scratch using as little code and additional plugins as possible. Thanks to this, the page is not overloaded and its optimization for the Google test is much simpler and you can get the highest results. It is a solution for demanding customers who expect the highest achievements of the website and dedicated solutions.

Do you want to equip your company with a professional website?

04. Contact us

Our agency proves that creating websites can be an exciting process!

We invite you to cooperate with us! It’s worth it.

Contact us and we will present you a dedicated cooperation plan, implementation time and prices of our services. We will also advise you on how to promote your company online and provide all information.

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– Dawid Kotrys

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