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Landing page – an effective way to position and increase conversion!

Are you wondering why landing pages have become increasingly important to successful marketing lately? There are many advantages of this solution. First of all, an effective landing page allows you to support a marketing campaign, achieve a higher position in search engines, and effectively encourage customers to buy your product or service.

Thanks to the landing page, you can conveniently and quickly encourage the customer to contact and get the necessary information about the customer.

Landing page – what is it

Landing in this case means redirecting the customer to a specific page. Unlike a traditional website, a landing page must be simple, convenient and tailored information to the marketing goals it is to fulfill.

The link to the landing page is placed in various places on the web, i.e. advertising banners, e-mail, social media and, of course, the Google search engine.

What should a landing page contain?

If you want to effectively attract the customer’s attention, your landing page should contain some basic elements that will significantly increase the conversion of the website.

The very important thing is the headline that will get your attention. It aims to interest the client and show him his/her needs. Therefore, it should be short, concise and goal-oriented. Thanks to this, the customer will stay longer on your website and will be more willing to use your services.

Another important element of the landing page is the call to action (buy a product or use a service). It should be placed in a place clearly visible to the user. Its content should be short and clear, eg: “Contact us by filling out the form”.

To effectively encourage your customers to contact you, it is worth placing a clear, shortest possible form on the landing page, with the company’s logo. This will help you build trust and encourage customers to share their data with you.

Remember, however, that building trust and placing the text “contact us” on the landing page will not cause customers to make massive purchases. Because why would they use your offer? You will use the potential of a landing page much more effectively by placing unique features of your product or service on the website. And an even better effect will give you a list of benefits for customers who decide to buy this product!

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