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Website maintenance - 3 reasons why you should use technical support

Website maintenance | Two Colours article
AUDIO VERSION: Website care - 3 reasons why you should use technical support
Owners of websites based on content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress certainly realize the importance of constant website care and maintenance. Providing professional, full technical support is key to quickly and effectively resolving issues such as bugs, crashes or security issues. Data security is extremely important, so it is worth investing in technical support for your site.
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From this article you will learn that:
  • A website is not only a business card for a company, but also a sales tool and a source of information that can influence the success of a company.
  • The constant maintenance of websites, is crucial to quickly and effectively resolve problems and ensure data security.
  • The three main reasons for using professional technical support are: saving time and money, fixing problems quickly and efficiently, and regular updates for site security.
  • Website care may include additional activities, including but not limited to: backups, access to the latest versions of software, SEO assistance, or troubleshooting compatibility issues.
  • Using a professional website service offers a number of advantages, such as access to a wide range of services, saving time and money, and confidence in the smooth and secure operation of the website.

Website administration - how can it help?

In the age of the digital revolution, websites have become an integral part of any company's operation. They are a brand's showcase on the web, but also a source of information and, often, a major sales tool. Taking care of a website is an investment that can make a significant difference in its performance and, consequently, in the success of the company. 

When a site is not properly taken care of, many things can go wrong:

Viruses and malware: Outdated plug-ins are an easy target for hackers, who can use security vulnerabilities to infect sites with viruses. These viruses can not only damage the site, but also indirectly harm users by directing them to malicious sites or stealing their data.

Problems with outdated software: WordPress, like other content management systems, updates its software regularly to fix bugs and add new features. If you don't update WordPress and plugins regularly, your site may become unstable or vulnerable to attacks.

Unknown problems: When a site is not monitored, many problems can go unnoticed. This can include errors on the site, missing images, outdated information or broken links. Users encountering these problems may quickly leave the site, which in turn will affect brand reputation and conversion rates.

SEO problems.: Old and outdated content, page errors or slow loading times can affect a site's position in search results. Losing position in search results means less organic traffic and potentially less revenue.

Website support

3 reasons to use professional technical support

1. saving time and money: By using website administration, you avoid the costs associated with troubleshooting problems yourself and save valuable time that you can spend on growing your business. Instead of worrying about updates, data backups or troubleshooting on your own, you can focus on what will make you money.

2. repair problems quickly and efficiently: Professional technical support offers quick and effective solutions to problems that a website may be facing. Experienced specialists have the knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it. As a result, your website will run smoothly and smoothly, and you will be able to focus on your other responsibilities. 

Many companies, once a website project is finished, shift their attention and focus to their next endeavor, and for lack of time leave existing sites with minimal support. In our case, we are committed to ensuring that our clients have support not only during the development of the project, but also after its completion.

Behind the address stands a few technical support specialists who are focused solely on the day-to-day handling of tickets and assistance.

3. systematic updates to plugins and WordPress: WordPress, which is a CMS, is the most popular platform for creating websites - it has a huge market share. It is necessary to regularly update the system and plug-ins to keep your site secure. Authors of WordPress and its plugins are quick to patch any vulnerabilities in their scripts to protect sites from attacks by hackers, bots or spamming robots.

For our agency, it doesn't matter whether you have a simple so-called "business card" website or an online store based on Woocommerce -. We provide support for any type of site and test all functionalities.

Administration of the website

Additional website care activities

Regular backups: By using tech support, you get the assurance that your WordPress site will be backed up regularly, off your server. This is extremely important in case of server failure, hacking attacks or accidental data deletion. With backups, your site will be able to be quickly restored to its previous state, minimizing the risk of losing important information and losses due to downtime.

Access to the latest software versions: Support ensures that your site will always use the latest versions of the software. It's not just about WordPress updates, but also plugins and themes. This will make the site better optimized, more functional and compliant with the latest standards, which will affect its popularity and effectiveness.

SEO support: In addition to the technical aspects, our support can also include help in optimizing the site for SEO. Specialists will advise on how to improve the structure of the site, content, use the right keywords and other elements that will contribute to better search engine visibility.

Assistance in resolving compatibility issues: As your site grows, you may need to integrate new plugins, themes or external services. Professional site support will help resolve compatibility issues and ensure proper configuration so that all elements work together seamlessly.

Training and support for users: Support can also include training and assistance for site users. In this way, both you and your colleagues will be able to effectively use the possibilities that WordPress offers, which will contribute to better site management and business success.

Antivirus installation: As part of our technical support, we provide installation of professional antivirus solutions that effectively protect your site from malware, hacking attacks and other threats. Thus, you can be sure that your site is fully protected, and any attempts to breach it are immediately detected and eliminated.

An extra hour of work each month: Each month we offer an extra hour of work that you can use for any work on your site. It can be content updates, minor graphic fixes, consultations or anything else that will help your site better meet your expectations.

Monthly report on activities carried out: In order for you to have a full sense of control over what is happening with your site, at the end of each month you will receive a detailed report of the maintenance activities we have carried out. This will keep you informed of all updates, optimizations and other work carried out on your site, giving you the confidence that your investment is being constantly developed and nurtured.

Website technical support

Advantages of using permanent technical support

When you use professional website administration, you gain access to a wide range of services and assistance that will allow you to grow your business without worrying about the technical aspects of your website. Whether you need help with troubleshooting, optimization, migration or SEO, professionals are ready to help you.

If you do not have the time, adequate competence or just do not want to constantly take care of your site, come forward. Our technical department will be happy to help keep your WordPress site secure and optimized. Details of our offer can be found here.

A technical support package for a WordPress-based site is a comprehensive service that guarantees its owners peace of mind, saves time and money, and ensures that the site will run smoothly and securely. Get professional help and support to grow your business without worrying about the technical aspects of your website.

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