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Increase sales with TubaPay - subscription shopping for your customers

Increase sales with TubaPay - subscription shopping for your customers
Offering fast and efficient shopping with modern or unconventional payment methods can be the key to increasing sales for your business or online store. By working with our new partner, TubaPay, we can provide your customers with convenient and flexible subscription payment options. We are aware of the impact that customer satisfaction and a positive shopping experience have on the success of your online business, so our goal is to provide you with solutions that will effectively impact your desired conversion in the first place. We encourage you to discover the opportunities that our new partner brings.
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Why equip your business with a subscription payment method?

Let's start with the most important question you're probably asking yourself right now: "why should I even consider introducing an online subscription option for my customers?" 

Let us introduce you to the many advantages of this solution.

Subscription payments on the website with TubaPay

Benefits of subscription payments for the customer

Flexibility of choice: With subscription purchasing, customers have the opportunity to purchase in an incredibly modern and convenient payment method. They can decide for which period they choose to subscribe (3, 6, 12 or 24 payments) to tailor the monthly payment to their preferences, giving them control over their own finances.

Easier affordability: Online subscription shopping allows customers, without having to spend the full amount at once and without incurring interest costs or taking out a loan, to make payments of smaller values in a predictable monthly formula such as for a telephone or Internet subscription. When customers do not have to spend the full amount or consider taking out a loan or installments, they are more willing and quicker to make a purchase decision and increase the value of their shopping cart.

Increased satisfaction and loyalty: When customers feel that they are in control of their finances and can make purchases in the way that is most convenient for them, their satisfaction with their purchases increases. This directly translates into greater loyalty to your brand. In addition, by having a subscription that allows you to extend packages and deliveries for future periods, you can loyalize the customer and tie them to shopping with you.

Benefits of subscription payments for retailers

An increase in the average value of purchases: When customers have the option to purchase on a subscription basis, they are more likely to opt for larger purchases and to buy outright what they will use in the future. This payment method, which is gaining storming popularity in the US and Western European markets, makes more expensive products and services more accessible, which directly increases the number of customers and the volume of sales This means that your products or services can reach a wider group of customers, you can bundle several things at once and deliver them in the future, which in turn increases the overall profits of your business.

Stable revenue flow: Offering subscription shopping translates into a regular and predictable flow of money to your business. When customers opt for subscription shopping, your company receives a steady financial flow for a fixed period of time, which provides revenue stability. Such financial stability is invaluable for long-term planning and managing your company's budget.

Building customer loyalty: Introducing a subscription payment option is also an investment in customer relationships. By giving them convenience, payment flexibility and solutions that your competitors don't have, you build trust and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to come back and make more purchases, as well as recommend your store to their friends and family.

Online subscription payments with TubaPay

What is TubaPay? Easy online subscription shopping

It's time to get specific about our partner, who is behind the implementation of all the previously mentioned opportunities and is pioneering these solutions.

TubaPay is an attractive solution in the world of digital payments, tailored to the needs of both online and stationary merchants, including in the areas of live-commerce and contact center (call center extended to communication with customers via email, web chat and other communication channels). 

Our partner offers subscription payments as alternative forms of billing to installments and loans, while providing your customers with purchases without additional and hidden costs. 

How does TubaPay work? Simple and intuitive process

This transaction management system makes it easy to implement subscription payments in your online business, offering simple tools that integrate with existing systems - whether you have an e-commerce store on the WooCommerce platform or sell through other online channels (the offer also includes selling services, not just specific products). 

The payment process in this billing model is fast and transparent, not requiring the customer to register a payment card to activate the subscription. Everything is done online and in real time, and the platform takes charge of the entire process - from transactions to customer service, giving you peace of mind and A guarantee of receiving funds on time.

Why subscription and not installments? Where is the revolutionary difference?

Your customer provides basic data from the ID card, pays the first subscription payment in advance and...there it is - he has made the purchase and has everything taken care of. 

Compare this with the installments:

  • where your customer would have to go through the process of providing a lot of detailed information about earnings, form of employment, liabilities and much more. 
  • go through a process in which he has to await a credit decision and tremble about a positive outcome
  • as a last resort, after receiving approval for installments, make a renewed decision on the purchase or abandon the purchase when the decision is negative.
Subscription payment option in the online store - TubaPay

3 billing models - tailored to your needs

TubaPay offers as many as three billing models - each with its own unique advantages and can be tailored to your business needs. It is important to emphasize that when working with the TubaPay payment gateway You pay no recurring implementation and usage fees, nor will you face commission increases for low sales. You only pay when you make money, which makes the partnership secure and profitable for your business. Choosing the right model will allow you to optimize your cash flow and focus on what matters most - growing your business.

#1 Upfront payment model: fast and secure transaction

This model is an excellent solution for those with high costs and investments. . In this setting TubaPay pays you upfront for your services, and the customer is billed monthly. This is ideal for speeding up the flow of money. With this model, you are assured of receiving full payment as soon as you purchase a product or service, which significantly reduces the financial risk of your business. 

Unfortunately, this model also has a drawback, there remains a headache for customers who do not have a good enough financial standing and do not meet the strict verification criteria. Unfortunately, they won't purchase from you on subscription

Cost of the service: 2.1% net of each subscription month, calculated on the total value of the product. 

#2 System 100% guarantee to receive monthly payment: stability and certainty of income

If stability and certainty of monthly receipts are a priority for you, this model will be ideal. You receive guaranteed payments by the 15th of each month, regardless of whether the customer has completed the payment or not. 

This solution offers exceptional financial stability, allowing you to focus on business development rather than managing payments. In addition, a huge plus of this model is the very high acceptability of customers and lenient requirements on their history and creditworthiness.

The cost of this model: 1,25% net of each subscription month, calculated on the total value of the product.

#3 Shared risk: low cost and even 100% customer acceptability

This model is ideal for companies offering online products or services, such as courses, webinars or training platforms, where costs are low and scalability is high. In this model, TubaPay embraces everything related to motivating a customer to make a payment. It carries out all deadline reminder processes and soft and hard collection activities when a customer is late. The subscription is non-disclosable to the customer so TubaPay can also carry out court and bailiff actions to enforce payments owed to you. In this model, you receive the money when the customer makes the payment. This means that the risk is shared, you don't have to do anything and costs are significantly lower - Only 0.85% net of each subscription month, calculated on the total value of the product. 

This model also provides an exceptionally high customer acceptance rate of up to 100%, which is crucial for businesses with high transaction volumes and a desire to generate revenue from every customer interested in buying from you.

What is unique about TubaPay is that. All three models of operation can be used simultaneously. Depending on your customer status, product characteristics and pricing, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. This flexible approach allows you to tailor the service to your individual requirements and preferences, providing the optimal solution for each situation.

TubaPay as subscription payment choice on website

Summary - why should you consider TubaPay for your business?

Transparency of cooperation: There is no such thing as hidden costs. You only pay when you earn, which ensures transparency and fairness in billing.

Customization: You have the option to choose the collaboration model that best suits your business, or use three models simultaneously to meet multiple needs at once 

Customer benefits: Flexible free payment options increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Business benefits: Introducing subscription payments through TubaPay increases sales, conversions and gives you a competitive edge

We invite you to filling out the contact form. A representative will contact you to provide a detailed quote and help you choose the best installment payment solution for your business. This is a completely free and no-obligation conversation that will help you make the best decision.

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