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How to maintain a profile on Instagram and advertise effectively on it? Instagram is – next to Facebook – currently the best source of customers interested in a specific topic. Its great advantage is the way of displaying all kinds of graphics. Thanks to this, you can effectively create brand recognition and reach your target groups. Remember, however, that if you want to effectively advertise your company, they must be of good quality. What else do you need to pay attention to?

Instagram – brand promotion in social media

Running Instagram is not only about placing posts with interesting, eye-catching graphics. It is also called “instagram stories” – short reports in the form of videos posted on the profile. Each user can view the video within 24 hours of its publication. Instagram stories have the advantage of allowing you to add polls and therefore retrieve data from your users. In addition, thanks to Instagram stories, you have a better chance of successfully promoting your brand on social media. Instagram takes into account the amount of stories posted.

If you want to maximize the number of recipients, however, you must remember that the time of publication of the report on the profile is important.

Another important aspect of running Instagram are hashtags. Contrary to the Facebook profile, Instagram accounts are promoted thanks to appropriate hashtags and post tagging.

Effective advertising on Instagram

Our agency is not limited to running a profile. We also run effective advertising campaigns on Instagram. We select appropriate hashtags, publish Instagram stories, monitor progress and communicate effectively with clients. We offer our passion, time and commitment. We help build a positive brand image and multiply the number of users watching your company’s profile! How do we do it?

Appropriate adaptation of the message of advertising campaigns

Advertising on Instagram – just like any other – will only be effective if we direct it to the appropriate target group. After all, your business needs active users who will not only visit your profile or website, but also make a purchase!

Attracting attention

We make the most of the power of Instagram. And all this thanks to choosing the right, interesting graphics for each post.

Various ad formats

Advertising on Instagram must be tailored to your audience. Our agency will take care of any form of promotion of your company – images, videos and many more, depending on the needs of your clients.

What else is worth remembering?

Facebook and Instagram complement each other perfectly. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the profiles are consistent with each other. Instagram and Facebook should complement each other, so it is worth ensuring that the content on one profile does not repeat on the other, while maintaining a uniform image. To increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, it is also worth placing appropriate links generating traffic between profiles.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your activities in social media? Or maybe you are just starting your adventure with advertising on Instagram and Facebook? If so, we will be happy to help you! Our agency has been creating effective advertisements and conducting effective campaigns for several years! If you want to increase your company’s recognition in social media, we invite you to cooperate!

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