Running a fanpage

If you run a business, you certainly know how crucial interaction with the client is. Facebook gives you a number of possibilities thanks to which you can successfully establish relationships through your fanpage and gain new customers.

Nothing is random!

Spontaneity is desirable, but not necessarily in this case. Running a fanpage should be well thought out and planned. Why? Because your actions in social media have a very specific purpose. You want to attract customers, build a personal brand, create a specific company image…. Right? So you need to act in a specific way, based on specific data. You are, after all, responding to the needs of your target audience!

Getting to know the market thoroughly takes a lot of work. You need to know the habits of the recipients visiting your profile and their needs. It takes a lot of work, and by posting one random post after another, you won’t achieve your goal. That is why it is worth outsourcing this task to professionals.

Add a little psychology

If you want your customers to perceive you in a certain way and willingly buy your products, you need to work psychologically. The human psyche has various meanders and hooks that determine whether your advertising efforts have the intended effect or not. Putting them into practice is the key to success! However, you must remember that nowadays naturalness is also important, so you can not overdo it 😉

Content and photos

On facebook fanpage we can publish both photos, videos and content activating customers. This allows for effective activities, especially since everyone wants to reach their target. It does not matter for us whether you want to warm up your fanpage or you want to focus only on sales. It is important that what we publish gives value to users, they will appreciate it and buy your products. Therefore, apart from the visual issue (photos, video), the content is very important.

How to start a fanpage?

This age-old question keeps many people awake at night. There is no clear answer and no magic button. However, we know what actions bring the best results. Regularity, good content, interesting graphics and videos are essential. Additionally, you can always organize contests, facebook live, interesting interviews and this will surely help to get your fans excited.

Fun, fun, and more fun!

One of the ways to activate recipients of advertising campaigns conducted in social media are games. They consist in asking a simple question, i.e. “What is in the missing part of the photograph?”. Such a move works especially well when the purpose of your company’s activities in social media is to announce a product that has not yet appeared on the market. This way, you’ll spark the interest of potential customers even before the big launch!

Ask questions

Question and answer sessions (the so-called Q&A) are an ideal way not only to reach a specific audience, but also to establish relationships with them. This way you can show them that their opinion matters to you.

Whether it’s in written form or preferably in live streaming form. Fans are often eager to get involved in the whole process, want to know how things work for your company, etc.

Showing your company’s background is also a great idea to engage your fans.

Do you want to create a professional fanpage on Facebook?

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