Did you know that as many as 91% of marketing executives perceive Linkedin as the best source of valuable, reliable content? Thanks to this, a Linkedin profile is a great option to shine with your expert knowledge! However, effective profile management requires a high level of competence when setting up an account. Why? Because your account has both an informational role (i.e. providing information about you and your company), but also a representative role. Your profile must look professional. So how to make your Linkedin profile not only attract interested users, but also encourage them to make certain movements?

Be an expert in your industry

Think about what people use Linkedin for? Why aren’t they just limited to one of the competing websites? According to research, as many as 60% of people with a Linkedin profile are looking for specialist, industry information. Therefore, when taking actions on the portal, it is worth generating substantive, engaging texts.

Adding specialized articles or comments written from the position of an expert causes the involvement of users interested in a given topic. This creates the opportunity to establish business relationships, especially since company accounts have the option of the so-called cross promotion. Thanks to this, you can increase the number of your contacts, e.g. by encouraging employees to share content published by your company on their personal accounts.

Another way to build the position of an expert is to share industry news, other people’s articles/links with the results of the latest research or information about reports on your profile.

Engage in conversations

Taking part in discussions on thematic groups is at least as important as whether you post industry articles on your profile. It is in the comments that you can post your constructive comments and advice, thanks to which you will effectively establish contact with potential customers.

Hashtags, InMail and paid ads

Communities on Linkedin – as in the case of Instagram – are focused around the so-called hashtags, which are special words or phrases preceded by the # sign. Therefore, if you want to reach a specific group of users, it is worth including hashtags in the content of your posts and observing the ones that are the most popular and most important for your industry.

Linkedin also allows you to use a premium account. It has additional features, including InMail. This option allows you to send private messages to every user of the portal, also from outside the group of contacts.

Paid marketing activities on LinkedIn also include advertising. While the costs may seem high, the juice is worth the squeeze. It is difficult to find an equally effective advertising platform – conversion on LinkedIn is 3 times higher than in Google Adds, for example.

Why is it still worth setting up a profile on Linkedin?

Linkedin is a portal for small, medium and large companies. It creates numerous opportunities for establishing business relations, both in the area of B2B and B2C. It is a great tool for creating a personal brand and an important element of creating employer branding. Large companies can also use the portal as a CSR tool, building the position of a socially engaged brand.

Linkedin is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networking sites. A specific community focused around business and the precision of marketing activities are its undoubted advantages. This is due to the fact that LinkedIn has a strictly defined target group – people visiting your profile are interested in a specific topic, are looking for specific job offers and will certainly get to know your experience and skills better.

So let’s mark your presence on the portal – LinkedIn is a place for large corporations, smaller local companies and freelancers. However, it must be remembered that this portal is a place for professionals, and this is also the nature – expert – of the activities carried out on it.


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