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Maciej Motak

Customer Service Specialist

Generating leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a network of professional contacts, but above all a source of business opportunities for companies of all sizes. The sales automation service allows you to effectively generate B2B leads, using LinkedIn's potential to its fullest. Thanks to sales robots, acquiring new customers becomes simpler, faster and more efficient.

Maciej Motak
Customer Service Specialist

What can our Sales Robot do for you?

Sales automation with Sales Robots involves a range of activities, from finding a potential customer on LinkedIn, to building brand recognition, to taking the relationship to the sales stage. Our solutions are state-of-the-art tools that help you effectively manage the sales process.

  • Sending invitations to get in touch on LinkedIn

Sales Robot on LinkedIn automatically sends invitations to users who may have a real interest in your offer, allowing you to quickly and efficiently build a network of business contacts. We define such an audience in advance, thanks to the Sales Navigator available on LinkedIn. We can define, for example:
- sex
- current and previous position
- current and previous place of work
- company size
- Country, region, city of residence
and many others. 

  • Promoting events on LinkedIn

    Our solutions allow you to automatically promote your company events, webinars or conferences, reaching the right audience. It's a great tool to quickly build a large audience and positive social proof. 
  • Automatically send personalized private messages on LinkedIn

    The sales robot can send automatic, fully personalized private messages to potential customers, increasing the chances of effective communication and relationship building. This allows us to respond in a timely, fully automatic manner to contact or no contact on LinkedIn. We can also prepare templates of ready-made responses for our salespeople.

Introducing Sales Robot on LinkedIn - how does it work?

To begin, we thoroughly research our client's current position, taking into account their product, audience, competitors, experience in other areas and existing sales process. Using this information, we create a profile of the ideal customer and identify the characteristics of potential customers to focus on the most promising contacts. 

In the second stage, we begin detailed communication with the first test group to assess their reactions, monitor the process and adjust it for future activities. 

Finally, we launch the main campaign, during which we identify potential customers matching our client's requirements. 

Interested parties who respond quickly are forwarded to our client, for example, directly to their customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Why use automation on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for generating leads, and our automation solutions allow for an effective and personalized sales campaign. 

This allows you to reach high-level executives, bypassing inactive accounts and increasing the chances of valuable business contacts.

You save time when selecting contacts and sending follow-up messages - including when someone doesn't respond to the first contact. 

Individual approach to each industry

Automation solutions on LinkedIn are effective when they are tailored to a specific industry. This ensures that the strategies that are developed better reach the right people and increase the chances of successful sales efforts.

Our approach is to tailor tools to the nature of your business, making them more effective in reaching potential customers.

Why should you trust us to generate leads on LinkedIn?

When you choose our agency, you get a partner with extensive experience and advanced tools to help you achieve success on the Internet.

Enormous opportunities We tailor technologies and features to your brand's unique needs, offering almost unlimited customization options.

Proven solutions We introduce innovative, yet proven and safe methods that guarantee high quality and efficiency.

Many specialists Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides the comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to implement even the most complex projects.

They trusted us

We are grateful for the trust placed in us by our clients with whom we have had the pleasure of working. Each project is a valuable experience for us, which allows us to constantly develop. An individual approach to each implementation is our priority, and the variety of companies we have worked with has taught us flexibility and the ability to adapt to the unique requirements of each brand.

Customer reviews

  • Robert Samaruk - Gaminate
    Gaminate co-owners
    Recommended as owners of the Gaminate brand - Piotr Tytyk  

    A very reliable agency. We just implemented our new website - we are very pleased with the professional approach and commitment. - Robert Samaruk
  • Karol Chojnacki
    Co-founder of
    One of the best contractors we work with. Knowledgeable team, great and fast contact. I recommend without a second thought 馃檪
  • Adam Przemyk
    Co-owner of the Entrepreneurship Club
    I am delighted with the cooperation with Two Colours Agency. Always the highest quality of services provided, full professionalism, super customer service. The owners develop the agency with great passion. I recommend to everyone! 馃檪

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any doubts? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our offer, the process of creating pages and the possibility of cooperation.

Is automation on LinkedIn right for every industry?

Yes, automation solutions on LinkedIn are flexible and can be tailored to the specifics of any industry. The key is to develop a strategy tailored to the nature of your business and your audience, which increases the effectiveness of your efforts and allows you to reach the most promising potential customers.

What are the benefits of using Sales Robot on LinkedIn?

The use of Sales Robot allows more efficient lead generation by automating sales processes, saving time, better targeting, and building and maintaining relationships with potential customers. As a result, companies can increase their chances of sales success by achieving better results in less time.

How do I get started using sales automation on LinkedIn?

To get started, simply contact our team, who will conduct an initial analysis of your needs and sales goals. Then, we'll work together to develop a personalized strategy and help you implement automation tools so that you can take full advantage of LinkedIn's potential in generating leads for your business.

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