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A logo is a graphic element that comes to the customer’s mind almost immediately after hearing the name of your company. Therefore, it is worth making sure that its design is not only professionally made, but simply original and pleasing to the eye. Its individual elements should be consistent and properly matched to the rest.

Why is it worth investing in a logo design?

Remember that your logo will follow you everywhere. Additionally – if the project is well done, it can gain in value. Therefore, it is worth making sure that it creates a coherent whole with other elements of visual identification. The company’s logo must therefore have a specific color scheme, as well as be compatible with the available advertising materials, prints or the website.

What to pay attention to when designing a logo?

A good logo is a big step to success. It identifies your actions with your company, helps build a strong brand, and often has an impact on the price of the product. Therefore, when designing a logo, you need to pay attention to a few basic elements.


On the one hand, the logo should attract the customer’s attention, and on the other hand, it should be universal and legible. If the logo design is too detailed, it will distract customers and make it difficult for them to remember the logo. By taking these facts into account, you will make your logo easier to remember, making your brand more recognizable.

Adjustment to the specificity of the company and customers

The logo design should be adapted to the needs of you and the people who use the services of your company. Therefore, it is worth outsourcing the creation of a logo to a graphic designer. He/She should get to know the specifics not only of your company, but also of all competitors. Logo design also requires knowledge of your target audience and business goals. If you want to achieve an even better effect, it is worth empathizing with the role of the client and looking at the logotype from his perspective. What will your logo design be associated with? What kind of emotions will it evoke? Will it be in line with the habits of customers and their ideas about your brand?


Creating a logo that is too small is unreadable is completely pointless. You also need to pay attention to what the logotype will look like when we enlarge it. Will it still give a pleasant impression and evoke positive emotions? Will its aesthetics not be disturbed?

The functionality of the logo design determines whether you will be able to put your logo on banners, flyers, business cards, gadgets or posters. Because that’s what you mean, right?


A colorful mish-mash is nowhere to be found. Neither does your logo appear on your sign. Therefore, it is worth remembering one simple rule: a maximum of 3 colors! Otherwise, you can create an image for a brand that … has no specific image! Or it’s not very professional. Besides, by using too many colors, you take away a very promising opportunity – to create a company logo using only colors. The right logotype can make your brand recognizable after some time thanks to the arrangement of specific colors.


The main task of the logo design is to distinguish your company from the competition. Therefore, you need to ensure that your sign is, on the one hand, adapted to the habits of customers and the prevailing trends, and on the other hand, timeless.

Logo elements

Each logo design includes graphic and text elements. The graphic element is the so-called signet. Its colors should be properly adjusted, i.e. without glaring or gloomy colors that may evoke unpleasant feelings.

In addition to the figurative mark, the logo also contains a text element. It is a logotype, i.e. an interpretation of the wording of the brand name, or a tagline – a slogan that will be associated with your company. Or both.

The signet can also be used on its own, as is the case with companies whose recognition is already high enough that their logo does not have to contain a name.

How to create a good logotype?

Designing a logotype requires the use of an appropriate font. The most widely used today is helvetica, created by Max Miedinger.


Logo design is an important task. If you want it to be well done, our agency will be happy to help you. We create simple and original logo designs that will not only evoke positive emotions in customers, but will also stay in their memory for longer!

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