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Graphics are an essential part of success. We remember 80% of information transmitted in the form of images, and in the form of texts – only 20! Therefore, graphic design is an important stage in the creation of websites and advertising leaflets, as well as writing books and articles for newspapers.

Of course, the graphics are uneven. Some designs are true works of art, while others are far from perfect. What makes us look at some graphics with pleasure and look away from others with disgust?

A good idea above all!

The idea itself is extremely important in graphic design. We do not want to create the proverbial art for the sake of art, but art that can be used to achieve specific goals (marketing, informational, aesthetic, etc.). In the case of advertising graphics, the key to success is the skillful determination of the target group, which will allow you to prepare a project tailored to the needs and tastes of customers.

The right workshop

Your graphic design should be properly adapted to the nature of your activities. Remember that graphic design is not only about making graphics, but also about the overall visual organization. It is all about choosing colors, fonts and other elements. Combining them into one coherent whole requires the graphic artist to know the target group and predict what its members expect from your website. For example, if you are working on a website design for a children’s goods store, it would be a good idea to include subdued, calm photos in muted colors. In this way, you will create an impression of subtlety, delicacy and peace in the users of your website.

Clear layout

Creating interesting graphic designs is not an easy task. An aesthetic sense and artistic talent alone are not enough. For example, you need to know how to skillfully arrange individual objects throughout the project so that it is legible and expressive.

In order to obtain the information needed for graphic design, most people related to this industry need to complete either major studies or specialized courses. Some graphic designers also develop their skills on their own, based on the available materials.

What is most important to you?

Some information that we want to convey when creating a graphic design is more important than others and they should be highlighted. Thanks to the skilful hierarchy of the information provided, we will effectively avoid chaos and mislead the recipient.

In addition to the idea, workshop, appropriate layout of graphics and information hierarchy, a good graphic design should take into account many smaller factors. They all together decide whether your project will be approved by the recipient or will be lost unnoticed in the maze of other offers.


If you need a design that will give your graphics a special character, we will be happy to help you. Graphic design for us is not only our daily bread, but also a passion. Trust us and we will decorate your website with an unusual graphic design, design materials for printing and take up many other fascinating challenges!

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