Video animations

We often associate animations on the Internet with advertisements or videos posted on YouTube. However, their use is much wider. They help both in promoting your own products or services and in creating the image of your own company. They also play an important role in building relationships with the client. They are present absolutely everywhere. How and why is it worth using them?

For large and small businesses

Animations are definitely more than just videos. They can also take the form of banners on websites. We find them on the home pages more and more often and they catch our eye. There are many ways to effectively use animation for your business.


A slider is an animation that displays alternately selected graphics or infographics. They are often used to present new products or to inform and launch promotional campaigns. Their specificity consists in scrolling or permeating successive slides.

Hero image banners

This type of animation is placed at the very top of the page. Hero image animations take the form of large photos with little content and play a huge role during the first five seconds of a customer’s stay on your site.

Process simulations

By using this type of video animation, you can show your clients a much wider context of what they are participating in. Animations showing process simulations allow you to introduce website users to the process of creating your products or executing orders. Thanks to this, you increase their involvement, and thus you make them feel more obligated to do shopping with you.

Micro interactions with website users

Animations can also be much smaller. You have to remember that all the elements that change after hovering the cursor and the buttons that make the page move up or down in front of our eyes are also animations!

Animated films

If you want to give your customers some knowledge that will allow you to encourage them to interact, then this type of video animation is a good idea. It allows you to share a short, usually lasting to several minutes, presentation of your own company, product or service. This way, you have the chance to encourage the client to learn more about you.

Promotion of products and services

If you want the information about your product or service not only to reach as many people as possible, but also to attract new customers, it is worth creating a short film where you will present how your solution will help them eliminate their life obstacles and problems. Thanks to this, you will not only show them that you can meet their needs, but also bring them closer to you and give yourself a chance to establish a closer relationship with them.

Instructional videos

Much information is easier to convey with images. The idea of creating tutorial animations is good not only for people who think about conducting effective trainings and webinars, but also for companies that want to show the client in a few minutes how to use their product or how the implementation of individual services looks like. Thanks to creating videos, you can not only indicate the steps that need to be taken, but also present the entire process of assembling the device, performing a cosmetic procedure or cooking a specific dish. By creating high-quality animations, you show your professionalism in a very simple and effective way.

Do you need more than an infinite number of photos on your website that don’t really make you stand out from the rest? Want animations and videos to liven up your website and increase traffic? We look forward to working with you! We will create, record and edit. We are not afraid of 2D or 3D animations. We will adjust everything to the needs of your website and business.

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