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The network is constantly on the move. Video content is constantly increasing on the Internet and this form of communication seems to be the most engaging for users. This is the most noticeable global trend in recent years. According to data for 2020, as many as 51% of internet users aged 16-64 watch vlogs each month, and 41% listen to podcasts. The upward trend in video content is also visible on social media – no web creator can afford to ignore tools such as Facebook Live or Instastories. We use webinars more and more often, and the newsletter in the form of a short film ceases to surprise anyone. Is it then possible to ignore this form of communication? This is a rhetorical question. Of course not.

And while it seems that creating and editing videos is – even in the case of very short films – a job for professionals who have access to secret knowledge that mere mortals will never be able to possess, the reality is quite different. Thanks to the development of free editing programs, this task is much easier and possible for everyone. It may be hard to believe, but you just need to learn and apply a few rules, buy a good-quality smartphone (no, you don’t have to invest in an expensive camera), install a movie processing program and… start recording.

Why is it worth using video materials?

We watch more and more movies online. It cannot be hidden or stopped. In 2018, Poles spent an average of 49 minutes a day watching videos on YouTube and similar platforms.

Undoubtedly, this tendency cannot be ignored, especially as filming and editing allows not only to present the content, but also elements such as the company’s logo or its other characteristics. It’s clear that brands are starting to see the potential of short film footage. Both large international companies and personal brands use this option. Their benefits are not limited to being in consciousness. This solution also gives them the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

A video film is a solution that also allows you to create the image of an expert, specialist in a given field. Tutorials or educational guides are a form of brand communication that users particularly appreciate because their form is often much more accessible and results in better learning outcomes.

What do you need to know when starting to edit films?

Remember that your vlogs, shows, podcasts, and other videos have a specific purpose. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will make it easier for you to customize both the content and the rest of the material.

In addition to the goal, it is also important to define the target group as precisely as possible. Films or video programs should have a completely different character if they are aimed at young people, and different when they are intended for older audiences.

When starting both the creation and editing of the film, we should remember that our basic assumption is to attract the attention of the audience. How can this be achieved? First of all, you need to take care of good quality material. Equally important, if not more important, is the story that will be told in the material. Storytelling is a technique that is increasingly used to create recordings. It is important to build a bond between the brand and its audience with engaging facts and information. So tell a story that will touch hearts, cause joy or surprise. Remember that a good recording is one that evokes emotions.

What tools to use?

There are many tools and programs for assembly. Perhaps you are wondering whether you need a camera, a group of experienced operators and a professional recording studio when creating a video. The answer to that question is no! The tools you will need are:


It is best to choose a good quality model. Then it will be a sufficient video recording tool for novice creators. What should you pay attention to when creating your content with your phone’s camera? First of all, remember that horizontal recording gives you more options for video editing. When creating an image in this position, you can always convert it to a vertical position. This procedure will not work the other way around ?

If your smartphone allows you to manually set video parameters – use this solution. Also, do not forget to choose the highest possible picture quality – the minimum requirements to create a good quality recording is Full HD. What other settings should you check before you start recording? Make sure you can turn on the image stabilization option. This solution will make your work easier.


Editing video on a computer requires adjusting to one of the most important parameters, which is the screen size. The minimum requirements that will allow you to work comfortably? Full HD resolution and 16×9 format. High resolution will give you more working space. It is also worth taking care of the appropriate color depth of the monitor – the 8-bit one will be a good solution.


Don’t forget that editing a movie is not only about working with the image, but also with the sound. Therefore, make sure you have a good microphone! Those built into phones or computers are usually not of the best quality. The use of an external microphone will be a much more advantageous solution. You have to remember that sound plays a very important role in the reception of video – badly recorded (too quiet, with a lot of noise) can cause the recipients to… turn off the recording before watching it fully. If you decide to record sound with an external microphone, you will have much wider possibilities of processing it in the appropriate program. This removes noise and improves quality. You can’t record audio with an external microphone? Use this from the phone handsets.

Also take care of the appropriate acoustics of the room/place where you record.

Video editing programs

The choice of video editing and editing programs is wide – from simple, free solutions to extensive, paid tools. The latter, of course, offer more editing options and more advanced solutions. The most popular are: Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Movie Studio or PaintShop Pro. At the beginning of the adventure with editing, it is worth testing the free software: OpenShot Video Editor, DaVinci Resolve or Movie Maker.

Suitable lighting

Light plays a huge role as it affects the color of the entire footage. If you record under artificial lighting of poor quality, the colors will be unnatural. It’s best to create a video in daylight, outdoors. However, if you decide to record in a room where access to daylight is limited, be sure to obtain professional lamps, recommended for people creating videos. It is also important that the light source falls on the person being recorded from behind the camera, and not behind the person being recorded.


As in photography, framing is very important when creating any form of video message. The safest solution for novice creators will be to follow the rule of thirds. What is it about? The grid is divided into 9 squares. The areas where objects should be placed are the points of intersection.

What else should you consider when creating a video? The video should not be static. Make it different. How? Apply zooms, zooms out, change the background. An interesting procedure, interesting for the recipients, is the inclusion of “making of” scenes in the recording, showing the backstage of video creation.

Videos aimed at presenting the person or company are best recorded in semi-close-up. Thanks to this, the characters will be clear and the recipients will easily notice the gestures.

On the other hand, in the case of filming interviews or conversations, the most important thing is to follow the 180 degrees rule (it is about drawing a fictional line that should not be exceeded when setting up cameras).

Record in fragments

Editing video is also often associated with the need to fix errors. Let’s face it – we are only human. However, there is a way to limit the consequences of possible mistakes. And that way is recording short sequences. Thanks to this, if you make a mistake that is difficult to remove while editing in a video editing program, you will not lose a large part of the recording, and thus a significant part of your work will not be wasted. Short sequences can also add dynamics to the recording – it will be easier to adjust various sound effects or interesting transitions.

Enrich your video with music and subtitles

This is very important! Editing video is also properly selected background music. It makes the message more emotional. It emphasizes the nature of the images appearing in the recording. Enriching the video with music, subtitles or interesting transitions between frames will make the recipients watch the recording with greater interest. Properly selected elements can also serve to enhance the goal you want to achieve with your video.

Don’t forget to save the recording…

A question that all novices ask themselves: what format should I save my video in? There are many types of media files that can be used to do this. However, if you create recordings for your own needs or for a specific brand and video editing is more of an adventure than a job for you, you just need to remember two things:

– save video files in MP4 format

– save video files in MP format

…And to share your finished video!

Do you already have a ready-made video that you can proudly present to a wider audience? Then it’s time to choose the distribution method. Share the recording as a post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. Use them in a sponsored advertising campaign on social media. Place it on your website as part of promotional activities or share it as a paid material. Get the greatest possible audience and interaction. Have fun creating and… good luck!

And if you want to outsource video recording or editing to professionals, remember that you can count on us!

Our agency deals with professional film editing and we are not afraid of any problems. We’d love to hear your preferences and turn them into engaging materials!

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