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We will create a website tailored to your needs! 

If you are considering changing your current website or need a website for your newly established business, it means that you are aware of the huge potential that lies in the new project.

Two Colours Agency has experts at your disposal who will be happy to help you create a website that will meet all your requirements. As a company with many years of experience we approach each project individually and adapt it to the needs of your industry and user expectations, so that it is best suited to your business.

We are aware of the key role that a website plays in making decisions by customers which is why we always create well-thought-out and functional websites that are created on the basis of an individual project with full attention to detail. Our team of UX designers will prepare modern solutions for you to create the perfect website for you and your customers.

One of our pioneering projects is the https://konferencjawallstreet.pl/ website, which stands out with its original template and design, and is also SEO friendly. We care about the appearance of the website but also about its structure, responsiveness and optimization, so that it is functional and attracts customers helping to develop your business.

Website functionalities

Our agency specializes in designing and creating websites that are used not only for effective sales but also to build customer loyalty towards the brand. We know that the comfort of using the website is crucial for users which is why we make sure that our websites are transparent and easy to use.

Our priority is the functionality of the website which is why we design it so that it is intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to this, customers can easily find what they are looking for, and thus the likelihood of a successful sale increases.

In addition, we make sure that the website is easy to edit. That’s why we use a simple interface thanks to which customers can make changes to the website design on their own. As a result they can freely adapt the site to their needs.

With Two Colours Agency, you are also a designer. Join the group of satisfied customers and discover the extraordinary possibilities of the website designed by us.

Ticketing platform and price threshold change counter

Nothing should reflect the nature of the company and its purpose as well as a website. Tailored to the needs of business and its clients, it can generate amazing traffic, and thus also profits.

The website https://konferencjawallstreet.pl/ is an example of a two-day conference website for entrepreneurs and individual investors. Its purpose is to provide potential participants with basic information about the event, such as: the venue and program of the event, speakers, benefits of participation, additional attractions, partners and types of available tickets.

Thanks to the simple layout of the content and the exceptionally attractive graphic design, searching for the necessary information is an extremely pleasant experience

A great convenience for a potential conference participant is the ability to purchase a ticket directly on the event website. Adding more tickets to the cart results in more fields to be filled in for additional people. Each ticket is generated with a QR code which, thanks to a specially created mobile version application, can be reflected using AQ codes.

There is also a timer on the website that indicates the time left to enter the new price threshold.

Prototype – mock-up of the website

Creating websites at Two Colours Agency begins with a long interview with the client after which we prepare a mock-up of the website. Our priority is not only attractive design but also intuitiveness and usability. We make every effort to ensure that every detail is refined and the website is responsive and easy to use which allows you to reach a wide audience.

When designing the structure of the website, we follow the principles of SEO which allows you to create a Google search engine friendly website which increases its visibility and sales for your business. Our team of specialists has many years of experience, thanks to which it chooses the best tools, such as Miro, allowing for the presentation of the website layout in a clear and effective way.

At Two Colorus Agency, we make sure that cooperation with the client is transparent and easy from the very beginning. If you want to create a website that will be attractive, intuitive and search engine friendly, contact us today.

In short, a mock-up of a website shows its basic structure and layout:

Website graphic design is crucial in creating a good first impression and building lasting relationships with customers. That is why we offer an individual approach to the project which:

  • will be adapted to the needs and requirements of the client,
  • facilitate the use of the website,
  • will use the full potential of the website and your business,
  • will increase the level of customer satisfaction,
  • will create a unique design that will distinguish your brand from others.

At Two Colours Agency we do not use ready-made solutions we specialize in designing from scratch paying attention to functionality and modern design. We adjust the project to the needs of the client and his company. Together we will create a strong brand on the Internet.

Website coding

Flexibility is a key element of our websites, as it allows you to adapt the tools to the individual needs of the project. Thanks to this the websites created by us are tailored to the needs and expectations of the client which translates into their effectiveness and efficiency.

We use intuitive and proven tools such as

  • WordPress,
  • Elementor page builder
  • and ACF.

Thanks to these solutions our clients can freely and easily edit their website after its implementation without the involvement of our agency. The ability to expand the website at your own discretion, thanks to the use of licensed and proven tools, allows you to develop your business in any direction.

At Two Colours Agency we are flexible and offer solutions tailored to your needs. We realize that every business is different and has different needs, which is why we adapt our solutions to meet all customer requirements and help in the development of their business.

View page: https://konferencjawallstreet.pl/

Used tools and solutions

With Two Colours Agency you will get a page with character!

Our team of experts designs, codes and plans websites using comprehensive tools with wide possibilities. We do not work on duplicated templates which is why our projects stand out from the competition. We are fully involved in every order thanks to which we provide websites with full design and functionality.

  1. Miro – is an inconspicuous, extremely functional tool used to create a presentation of a graphic design and communication with the client.
  2. Figma – this tool helps us present the finished graphic design so that everyone can check what it will look like in the next step
  3. Elementor PRO – a comprehensive page builder for WordPress that allows full website programming.
  4. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the basic WordPress, allowing you to add custom fields and edit from the user level.
  5. WordPress the most popular, most transparent and intuitive CMS that allows you to manage content.
  6. Additional tools supporting the work of programmers, graphic designers and the design team, such as Adobe Package, ClickUp, Telegram, Google Drive, etc.

We also use additional tools that support the work of programmers, graphic designers and the design team, such as the Adobe Package, ClickUp, Telegram, Google Drive, etc.

Z Two Colours Agency otrzymasz stronę internetową, która będzie miała swój charakter i wzniesie Twój biznes na wyżyny!

View page: https://konferencjawallstreet.pl/

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