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Website for the gym


The goal of the order was to create a professional website for a fitness club. The client wanted a simple website navigation, an easy way to find the location of the gym and a clear call to purchase gym passes. The website was made in a few steps…


The process of creating a website


01. Preparation of the page plugin

We created a simple plugin for the page that was in build. This allowed the client to pre-sell passes and link to the site in their social media pages. We made two graphic designs, and the one chosen by the client was implemented on the website.


02. Preparation of the prototype

We created the prototype (the website mock-up) in Miro tool. It allowed the client to look at the website’s structure before the graphic design stage, thanks to which we were able to make the necessary corrections.


03. Preparation of a graphic design

We made the graphic design with the Figma tool. It was designed from scratch, thanks to which the customer can be sure of a unique appearance.


04. Website coding

The website uses CMS WordPress, Elementor page builder and ACF. This configuration allows the client to easily edit and expand the website further.

See the on-line website: https://wakeupfitness.pl


Tools and solutions used:

  1. Miro – a tool used to create a prototype, to present a graphic design and communicate with the client
  2. Figma – a graphic design tool
  3. Elementor PRO – page builder for WordPress that allows you to program your website
  4. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add custom fields and allows editing from the user level


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Autorzy projektu

Dawid Kotrys

Właściciel Agencji, Dyrektor Kreatywny


Elementor Developer


Opiekun Klienta