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Strona internetowa ze sklepem ecommerce dla Kaman Social Media - Portfolio Two Colours Agency


Website with an on-line store for social media agencies


The goal of the order was to create a website showing the spectrum of offerings of the agency dealing with social media and video production. An important aspect for the client was the built-in on-line store, which was supposed to enable on-line sales of products such as ebooks, videos, trainings etc. Thanks to this, the website is not only informative but also has the functionality of online sales.


Website functionalities


01. On-line store

The built-in online store allows you to sell virtual products such as on-line training, e-books and other non-physical products. This is a great idea for a brand that wants to not only provide services, but also earn money on its knowledge!

Having your own online store with educational products builds the authority and position of an expert.

This functionality also makes it possible to sell your services through the website, for example, consulting.


02. Automated invoice

Online store was made on CMS WordPress with the use of WooCommerce (e-commerce solution). It was integrated with Fakturownia.pl invoicing tool. Integration allows you to get data to the invoice in the shopping cart, and then after marking the order as completed, the system automatically generated and sent the sales document.

It’s an extremely convenient solution that saves a lot of accounting work.


Graphic project

We made the graphic design using the Figma program. It was designed from scratch, thanks to which the customer can be sure of a unique appearance.

Strona internetowa dla Kaman Social Media - Portfolio Two Colours Agency

03. Website coding

The website uses CMS WordPress, Elementor page builder and ACF. This configuration allows the client to easily edit and expand the website further.

See the on-line website: https://kamansocialmedia.pl


Tools and solutions used:

  1. Miro – a tool used to create a prototype, to present a graphic design and communicate with the client
  2. Elementor PRO – page builder for WordPress that allows you to program your website
  3. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add custom fields and allows editing from the user level
  4. Woocommerce – the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress


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Autorzy projektu

Dawid Kotrys

Właściciel Agencji, Dyrektor Kreatywny

Marcin Godlewski

Współwłaściciel Agencji, Dyrektor Marketingowy


Elementor Developer




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