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Branding and website for a public speaking training

The aim of the order was to create visual identity and a website with an additional online store. Another important aspect was that the website for the public speaking coach should build authority and trust.

The website offers the option of adding new training and has made a landing page for generating contacts. The entire website has been made with a dedicated graphic design, which gives the brand a unique look.

In the next stage, an e-learning platform module has been added to the online store, thanks to which you can sell courses on-line, providing users with comfort and the highest quality.


Logo and visual identification

Before we started designing the website, we first created a visual identity for Dawid Świstek’s personal brand.

The goal was to achieve a typographic logo. As simple as possible, but at the same time communicating a hidden message and distinctive.

From many concepts we created a final unique logo that proudly represents our client’s brand. The distinctive feature of the logo are two arrows incorporated into the name. The first one represents development and moving forward. The second one represents expansion of self-awareness.

The arrow mark is also used in other places of visual identification. It can be seen in the offer, presentations and on the website. It gives a unique perception of the brand and makes it easier to remember.


Graphic project

We made the dedicated graphic design using the Figma program. It was designed from scratch, thanks to which the customer can be sure of a unique appearance.

Website functionalities


01. On-line store

The online store was made on an external domain store.dawidswistek.com . This solution allowed not to load the main homepage with sales plugins. The presentation of training courses and products takes place on the main page from which users after clicking the BUY NOW button are transferred to the shopping cart on the subdomain. Built-in online store allows selling trainings, services and consultations. It is possible to sell virtual products such as e-book or audiobooks.

The entire project was made in such a way that the customer could add new products himself/herself.


02. Automated invoice

Online store was made on CMS WordPress with the use of WooCommerce (e-commerce solution). It was integrated with Fakturownia.pl invoicing tool. Integration allows you to get data to the invoice in the shopping cart, and then after marking the order as Completed, the system automatically generated and sent the sales document.

It’s an extremely convenient solution that saves a lot of accounting work.


03. Integration with Active Campaign


Marketing automation system

The entire website is integrated with a marketing automation system called Active Campaign. This transfers all contacts from the website to the CRM from where they can be managed.

Active Campaign allows you to automate your marketing by sending emails based on scheduled actions. The action to send a pre-configured email can be, for example, signing up for a webinar, signing up for an e-book, or purchasing a specific product.

With this integration, you can automate your customer communications, increase your profit, and improve your customer service. Automation will do for you what a human would normally never find the time to do.

Sample automation / source: activecampaign.com


Test Active Campaign here


04. Creating a platform for on-line courses

The next step in creating an online store was to add a platform to sell and share courses online. Below are some sample screenshots of the project:

Platform login form


Preview of available courses on your account


User profile view


Online course lesson view


More about online course platforms here


Website coding

The website uses CMS WordPress, Elementor page builder and ACF. This configuration allows the client to easily edit and expand the website further.

See the on-line website: https://dawidswistek.com


Tools and solutions used:

  1. Miro – a tool used to create a prototype, to present a graphic design and communicate with the client
  2. Elementor PRO – page builder for WordPress that allows you to program your website
  3. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add custom fields and allows editing from the user level
  4. Woocommerce – the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress
  5. Active Campaign – a system for marketing automation


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Autorzy projektu

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