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If you are looking for a professional, unique and responsive website that will meet your business goals, then you are in the right place. At Two Colors Agency we create websites that are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each client.

As experienced specialists we have been operating for several years and we approach projects comprehensively. We know how important it is for a website to be not only pretty but also functional and user-friendly. That is why we create websites that are well thought out and functional, and designed with attention to detail and using the latest tools.

Our websites, such as Ambrozja Dom Banietowy are distinguished by unusual solutions and original design. We make sure that they are light and fast, and we use only the required plugins which positively affects positioning in the Google search engine. Thanks to this your customers do not go to the competition, and the profit remains in your hands.

We do not focus only on visual effects, but also take care of the structure, responsiveness and SEO optimization of the website. Thanks to this, the websites we publish are professional, user-friendly and well positioned in the search engine.

If you want to create a recognizable, unique and well positioned website, please contact us. As professionals, we will be happy to help you meet your business goals.

Website functionalities

Creating a professional and unique website is a key phase for building a recognizable brand on the web. Thanks to our experience and professional tools you will get a website that will stand out from the competition.

We know the needs of users and design pages with transparency, functionality and a pleasant user experience in mind which attracts visitors to use the advertised services.

For the convenience of our customers we provide an easy-to-use interface for editing pages, allowing you to fully explore the potential of the page and edit the project yourself.

With Two Colors Agency you are also a designer.


Offer, room booking system and gallery

The website has been designed so that users can easily browse the facility’s offer and make room reservations. In order to facilitate the booking process, the website has a booking system that allows you to quickly and conveniently book a room or send a query about the availability of conference rooms.

For those who want to get to know the interior of the facility in more detail, the website contains a rich photo gallery and a modern visualization of the rooms which allows for a virtual tour of the interior of the facility. Thanks to this, users can thoroughly familiarize themselves with the possible arrangement of tables and chairs and the purpose of each room.

The website also contains an interestingly presented offer of additional services, available in several places, which allows for easy browsing and comparing the offer. All this makes the website clear and easy to use which increases the comfort of using it.

Prototype – mock-up of the website

Creating a prototype, i.e. a mock-up of a website is the first step in the process of creating a website in our agency. In our projects we combined usability with design, paying special attention to the smallest details to make the website responsive and easy to use.

The projects we create are optimized for SEO which allows for better website visibility in search engines. Thanks to this your business will have a better position in the search results which will translate into more sales.

Thanks to our many years of experience we choose the best tools for creating website mockups. One of them is Miro which allows you to see the full structure of the website even before the graphic design stage.

Cooperation with Two Colors is simple and transparent thanks to which we can focus on creating a website that will meet all your expectations.

During the first stages of work, we maintain constant contact with our clients, because before creating a prototype, we need to determine the page layout, i.e. the structure of tabs and subpages.

Graphic design

Website graphic design is essential in creating a good first impression and building lasting customer relationships. That is why we offer to create a project from scratch that:

  • will be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the client,
  • will allow easy and pleasant use of the website
  • will use the full potential of the website and your business
  • will increase customer satisfaction
  • will create a unique project that will distinguish your business from others.

We are specialists therefore we do not use ready-made solutions. We design from scratch paying attention to functionality and modern design. We adjust the project to the needs of the client and his company.

With Two Colors Agency you will create a strong brand on the Internet.


Website coding

Website coding is another important element in building a modern and functional website. Therefore, we offer to create a code from scratch that:

  • will be adapted to the needs and requirements of the client,
  • it will be flexible and will allow you to expand the website in any direction,
  • will allow for easier editing and development of the website without the need for an agency,
  • will be based on intuitive and proven tools such as: WordPress CMS, Elementor pagebuilder, ACF.

Thanks to such a variety of tools, our projects are flexible and allow for adaptation to individual customer needs. Importantly, the client has the ability to edit and develop the website without the participation of our agency, which allows for free adaptation of the website to current business needs.

Website speed

Although we create some of our pages based on Elementor page building, we know how to make them very efficient and fast.
We know perfectly well that the speed of a website significantly affects its reception and positioning in Google, so we try to create and effectively optimize them, even if they contain a lot of high-quality photos.

Here we achieved a satisfactory score of 99 out of 100 possible in the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Wyniki GTMetrix:

Ambrozja Wyniki PageSpeed GTMetrix


Used tools and solutions

Designing and creating websites is our specialty. Thanks to the use of comprehensive and modern tools, each website is unique and tailored to the individual needs of the client. We do not use ready-made solutions and templates which is why each website is unique and stands out on the Internet.

 In the creation process we use tools such as:

  1. Miro – is an inconspicuous, extremely functional tool used to create a presentation of a graphic design and communication with the client.
  2. Figma – this tool helps us present the finished graphic design so that everyone can check what it will look like in the next step
  3. Elementor PRO – a comprehensive page builder for WordPress that allows full website programming.
  4. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the basic WordPress, allowing you to add custom fields and edit from the user level.
  5. WordPress the most popular, most transparent and intuitive CMS that allows you to manage content.
  6. Additional tools supporting the work of programmers, graphic designers and the design team, such as Adobe Package, ClickUp, Telegram, Google Drive, etc.

With Two Colors Agency you will get a website that will have its own character and will take your business to new heights!

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