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We create websites tailored to your needs

Today, a website is a virtual business card of your company, so it is worth making it attract attention and stand out from the competition. In addition to social media, it largely creates your brand and attracts customers.

So if you feel that your current website is not fulfilling its key task, it’s time for a change! Together we will create a project that will meet all the requirements of the modern market, i.e. it will be a hit!

For many years, we have enjoyed the trust of customers who entrust us with creating their websites, in the feeling that they will receive exactly what they dream about and what they need. For us, as specialists in our field, the most important thing is a comprehensive and individual approach that ensures unique results. Thanks to this, what comes out of our hands is identical with the mission and vision of your business.

In the activities that we undertake each time, it is important for us to take care of details, use practical and professional tools and the experience of our UX Designers. All our websites are pampered not only visually, but also functionally, legibly, as well as user and seo friendly.

One of the examples of our work is the website which is clear, legible and corresponds to the style of the brand itself.

If you dream of a website with similar assumptions, please contact us.

With Two Colours Agency you will achieve success more easily.

Website functionalities

To build a recognizable brand on the Internet you need to make an appropriate investment. One of them is the creation of a website by professionals that will earn you money.

Properly selected functionalities, well-designed UX design, eye-catching graphic design are the basic elements that determine whether someone feels good on the website or wants to leave it as soon as possible. The greater the comfort, the greater the likelihood of purchase, so it is worth betting that the above elements are designed with the utmost care.

In the Two Colours agency we always focus on creating websites from scratch, so that they build customer loyalty towards the brand and maximize profits through increasing sales.

For the convenience of users, the pages we design have a simple editing interface with the help of which you can make the necessary changes yourself, according to emerging needs.

Speakers gallery and internal system for purchasing tickets

Each page has a different role, so its appearance and functionalities should meet exactly the goals it assumes. The Africa Global Business Summit website is an example of a two-day high-level business summit with an exclusive awards gala featuring top CEOs from major African and multinational companies and business and policy makers from over 35 countries across the African continent, Europe, UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East which has primarily an informative task.

In an extremely simple, but also convenient way, it provides users with the necessary information about the course of the conference, speakers, location, gala and other important issues.

A great convenience for a potential conference participant is the ability to purchase a ticket directly on the event website.

Prototype – mock-up of the website

Website mockup is, in fact, the first stage in creating a website.

Our mock-ups combine usability with design, because we design them meticulously, with responsiveness and ease of use in mind. We put a lot of effort into this because we want your products or services to reach as many recipients as possible.

In addition, we design website structures in accordance with SEO principles which makes them friendly to search engines, especially Google which increases the visibility of your business and can increase sales.

As professionals, we use tools that are intuitive and functional to create the most effective mock-ups. One such tool is Miro, thanks to which our clients can see the full structure of the website before starting graphic design.

Graphic design

You probably already know how important it is to build lasting relationships with customers and create a positive first impression. But did you know that you can do it with your website?

Two Colours Agency offers an individual approach to the project which guarantees:

  • adaptation to the needs and requirements of the client,
  • intuitive use of the website,
  • 100% use of the potential of the website and your business,
  • increasing the level of user satisfaction,
  • creating a unique project that will distinguish your company from the competition.

We never rely on templates, we always create from scratch with the most important aspects in mind, such as functionality or modern design. If you want, we will create a website for you with which you will be successful.

With Two Colours Agency you will build a strong brand on the Internet.


Website coding

As the first of the benefits of using the websites created by us, one should mention their flexibility which is the result of adapting solutions to a specific project.

We use intuitive and proven tools to build websites, such as:

  • WordPress,
  • Elementor pagebuilder,
  • Akismet to stop blog spam
  • and ACF.

Thanks to such a combination, our clients can easily edit and develop websites at their own discretion, without having to use the help of our agency.

The use of proven and licensed solutions allows you to develop your website in any direction. Thanks to the fact that your website is flexible, you can adapt it to the changing needs of your company.

Website speed

We know how important the page speed is for its reception and position in the Google search engine, therefore, despite using the Elementor page builder, we are able to create pages with high performance and speed. We are aware that page loading speed has a significant impact on their reception and positioning in Google results which is why we carefully optimize our pages.

Thanks to our efforts, we achieved a score of 100 out of 100 in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool for this page.

At Two Colours Agency, the speed of our websites is a priority.


Score GTMetrix:

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Used tools and solutions

At Two Colours Agency, we design and build websites using comprehensive tools with wide possibilities. We do not allow ourselves to be clichéd which makes our projects stand out on the Internet. Thanks to many professional and intuitive tools, we deliver reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

In our daily work, we use many tools, such as Miro, Figma, Elementor PRO, ACF and WordPress.

  1. Miro – is an inconspicuous, extremely functional tool used to create a presentation of a graphic design and communication with the client.
  2. Figma – this tool helps us present the finished graphic design so that everyone can check what it will look like in the next step
  3. Elementor PRO – a comprehensive page builder for WordPress that allows full website programming.
  4. ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) – a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the basic WordPress, allowing you to add custom fields and edit from the user level.
  5. WordPress the most popular, most transparent and intuitive CMS that allows you to manage content.
  6. Additional tools supporting the work of programmers, graphic designers and the design team, such as Adobe Package, ClickUp, Telegram, Google Drive, etc.

We also use additional tools that support the work of programmers, graphic designers and the design team, such as the Adobe Package, ClickUp, Telegram, Google Drive, etc.

Thanks to our work, you will get a website with character!

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