New implementation of the online store with automatic subscription and loyalty system

Our new implementation is an advanced online store with dietary supplements

While working on the project, our main goal was to combine a dedicated design with functionality and user comfort. For this purpose, the website has been equipped with a special module extending the online store, with the possibility of creating your own sets. Thanks to this, the customer from the position of a single product page can compose his own package of different flavors of the supplement and add to it, for example, a promotional shaker. Additionally, a composed set can be ordered with one click as an automatically renewing subscription, which can be canceled at any time. We describe this implementation in detail on our website

We are ready to meet this challenge, because the answer to your desires is our priority. Each project is an individual project for us, which we create based on a well-thought-out concept, a common vision of implementation, prevailing trends and the latest technologies.

Want to know more? Take a look at the detailed description of the entire project – from concept to implementation: or Behance:

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