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Kat Highton's business transformation - case study

Transformation of Kat Highton's business - case study
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Have you ever wondered how to break down the boundaries between offline and online activities so that your business can grow at scale? We are very pleased to be working on a project that has achieved just that! In light of the dynamic changes and the transfer of long-standing offline activities to the online world, our marketing agency Two Colours had the pleasure of being the architect of this revolutionary process for one of our valued clients, Catherine Highton. In just two months, we were able to transform her existing business into something much larger and more accessible to an online audience.
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Creation of a website - Doors to the World of Catherine Highton

The first step in the transformation of Catherine's business was the creation of a modern, responsive website. Thanks to it, anyone can now easily access the inspiring knowledge she has to offer. The site has become a virtual home for her activities and vision.

Website mockup for Kat Highton

Rollup and stand graphic design - A brand that attracts attention

The visual aspect is extremely important in creating a brand image. Therefore, our agency made sure that Kat's rollups and stands were both professional and eye-catching. As a result, her brand is now recognizable and memorable.

Kat Highton

Business card design - A first impression that is memorable

Business cards are an integral part of business communication. That's why we created business cards for Catherine that not only present her business clearly, but also make a memorable impression on anyone who receives them.

Business cards for the client - Kat Highton

QR codes - Key to the virtual world

To make it even easier to find Catherine in the virtual world, we added special QR codes that lead directly to her website and social media profiles. This is an innovative solution that allows you to scan and access valuable online content instantly.

Social media profiles - Direct online contact

Social media is an extremely important communication channel in today's world. That's why we supported Catherine in creating profiles on the most important platforms, which enabled her to interact directly with her audience and build engagement around her brand.

Social media Kat Highton | Two Colours

Substantive and technical support - Partnership every step of the way

Our agency not only provided the tools, but also provided full substantive and technical support at every stage of the transformation. This allowed Catherine to feel confident and assured that every aspect of her online business was properly secured and optimized.

The Challenge - Get on the path of the warrior of agility 

The challenge, which Kat organized, involved guiding participants through a process of discovering and developing their inner potential. As part of the challenge, participants had the opportunity to:
- Identify your inner warrior through a variety of exercises and reflections.
- Receive tools and support to deepen their internal resources.
- Transform your values into the power and determination to take concrete action in life.
- Steer toward maximum dexterity in all aspects of life by taking purposeful action.
- Focus on practical action instead of just discussing change.

The challenge was designed to help participants get on the path to reaching their full potential through consistent action in line with their values and life goals. Participants joined a dedicated group on the platform, where they follow a daily action plan and share their insights. The challenge program includes both online meetings and individual work, discussed at later group meetings. 

Great successes, great satisfaction

The results of our work exceeded expectations. Catherine Highton has now gained access to a wider audience than ever before. Since the publication of the website The number of visitors exceeded more than 5682, and the conversion rate for the challenge signup was 30%.

Her years of experience and knowledge are now available to all interested parties, regardless of place and time. This is not only Catherine's success, but also that of our agency, which was honored to be part of this inspiring project.

That's why we love what we do. We help our clients take their business to the next level, make their passion and commitment visible to the whole world. This is inspiring. This is revolutionary. And most of all - it's possible.

Do you too have big goals you want to achieve online? Let us know, and together we will create a strategy to turn your dreams into reality!

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