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How do you prepare to fill out a social media brief?

How do you prepare to fill out a social media brief?
If you are planning to outsource your company's social media to an outside agency, it will probably ask you to fill out a brief. In this article, we'll explain what a brief is and why filling it out as accurately as possible is a key step before working with an agency.
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What is a brief?

Brief is nothing more than a document with a collection of basic information about your company, which will allow the agency to prepare a marketing strategy tailored to your needs. Its content may vary depending on the order - different information will be needed for an advertising campaign, and others for social media. The common denominator is that it is detailed. Therefore, it is worth reserving an appropriate amount of time for its meticulous preparation.

When you start working with us, you will be asked to fill out a brief sent by us even before the first meeting, so that we can properly prepare and talk about the details, right at the first interview. 

Why is the brief important?

A well-prepared brief saves time on both sides and facilitates communication between the client and the agency. Having a complete set of information, the agency has the opportunity to thoroughly analyze your expectations, learn about the situation of your company in the market and how the competition is doing. This tool is like a compass that allows us to follow a specific direction straight to the goal.

What should be included in a social media brief?

When preparing a social media strategy for your company, the agency will rely on the information you provide about your brand and where it stands in the market.

See what data you will need to complete the brief:

1. characteristics of your company:

In addition to basic information about your company, such as its name and tax ID number, write what industry you are in and how long you have been in the market. It will also be important to specify your business model (B2B/B2C), whether you sell a service or a product, and where the sales process takes place (online/offline). 

Also consider what your company's goals and values are, what differentiates it from competing products and services, its current position in the market and what problems it faces.

2 Competition:

Knowing the activities of the competition, the agency is able to do better research and try to make your social media unique. 

Write down who your company's main competitors are, what social media platforms they use, and what their current position is compared to your company. Or maybe a brand inspires you or your competitors are doing something better/worse than you? Write about all of this in the brief.

3. target group

Precise definition of the target audience is an important element when creating a marketing strategy. These are the people to whom we will target content, so it is important to choose the right language for communication. We will run a profile differently for a brand producing accessories for moms with children, and differently to fans of automobiles and adrenaline.

To determine who your ideal customer is, you need to think about several aspects. Think through whether your product/service is aimed at men or women, the age of your audience, where they live and how much they earn, their education and what they are interested in. The more accurately you define your audience, the better chance you have of increasing your sales and developing your brand through social media.

4 Purposefulness and intended effects

One of the most important aspects is to determine what results you expect from social media and what your goal is in having it:

  • image
  • brand recognition
  • ranges
  • activity under posts

Social media without additional post promotion is only for image purposes. To achieve the desired effects you will probably need a budget for post promotion. Consider whether you have such a budget, and if not, whether the image effect alone is enough for you.

If there have been any previous activities, also mention this in the brief, and you can also add what the results have been so far and whether you have any conclusions or objections to it.

The more you write about your brand, the better. Write down everything that comes to mind and remember that the brief is a key element that will help you chalk out an excellent communication strategy from the very beginning!

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