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How to download invoices from Meta Ads (Facebook)? A short instruction for the layman!

In addition to the interesting aspects of running a business, there are some that we would prefer to forget about, and without a doubt, one of them is costs. Unfortunately, we must ultimately include all expenses incurred in the cost of doing business, and it's no different when running a Meta Ads (former Facebook Ads) campaign. While finding proof of payment in the Company Manager panel may seem problematic, fortunately the whole process is much easier than you might think.
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To make it easier, we'll go through it together! 

First of all, it is worth considering the fact that an Ads Manager is not the same as a Company Manager. The Ads Manager, is only a small component of the Company Manager, as we will discuss below. Company Manager consists of a number of components, including, but not limited to, an ad manager tool, an event manager, and a bookmark -. "DISCLAIMERS.

What do you need to do first? If you are logged into your Facebook account, you need to select in the side panel the option "META BUSINESS SUITE". This will take you to the Manager of your company. 

What does it look like in practice? The screen below shows the side panel where we select the option given earlier.

2. at the start we have to go to the tab "all tools" (the last option, at the very bottom). Then we will see a panel with a "MANAGE" section.

3. in the section "MANAGE" select the option "SETTLEMENTS"., where we will be able to specify the date range and find the relevant vat invoices for the indicated period. In the Billing tab, we will ultimately find all the proofs of payment for our ads.

4. the screen below shows the panel "Settlements". In the upper right corner we can select the one we are interested in scope dat, from which we want to download all vat invoices for advertising activities carried out. 

Panel example "DISCLAIMERS". Based on Two Colours Agency's advertising account - includes payments for ads and monthly invoices:

5, After setting the appropriate date, the system will generate all the VAT invoices with their identifiers and a downloadable option. To download, click on the action with the arrows facing down and download the selected invoices to your computer.

 In the panel in practice it looks exactly like this:

That's it!

Simple right? Not such a terrible devil as they paint him! We hope that the instructions will be helpful and will solve all the problems related to the issue of downloading invoices.

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