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How to create good graphics for social media? 5 rules for creating effective social media graphics

How to create good graphics for social media? 5 rules for creating effective graphics for social media
Social media is one of the key communication channels for many companies and brands. No wonder - every day hundreds or thousands of users can, potentially encounter a particular brand online thanks to them. Just what is it that makes just some posts or ads attract your attention more than others? Of course, this is a component of many different factors, but one of the most important is the creation itself, in other words, graphics. It determines whether the content you have prepared will not only attract attention, but, above all, gather more reach, thanks to reactions, comments or shares.
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1st Principle - Focus on the content and what the graphic is supposed to promote

Very often in the creation of graphics we forget what its function is supposed to be, and we also forget the hierarchy of content and elements we put together to showcase this advertising.
What you should start with is to ask yourself what our social media advertising In terms of graphics, what we would most like to see highlighted on the graphic.
It is also worth remembering that social media advertising It must be consistent with what is on the website (consistent in terms of graphics and communication). A customer who sees a particular ad should see something on the site that he or she expects and was promised in the post.
At the same time, it is important not to disrupt the message with unnecessary embellishments, slogans that will distract from what you really want to convey. Graphics should also be unique and professional, so it should not be a free graphics used from a photo bank, as this will also affect the reach of the post. Photo banks have it that the images made available in them free graphics have already been used many times in their original form, including on Facebook. Their use will also certainly reduce the quality of our content On a social profile.

2 Principle - Get rid of form over substance! 

Many times at work graphics When creating ads, you may encounter customer comments such as:
"Larger logo."
"Stretch that slogan, make it big."
"More red, it must scream!"
"Let's put all our offerings out there!"
It is good to make the customer aware that a lot does not always mean good. When you promote a product, you don't need the other half social media advertising fill with your company logo. The most important thing is the product, and the background is the color scheme maintained in the branding of your brand. The logo and advertising slogan are only a minor complement to this advertisement!
If you want to promote services, then don't show the whole offer on one ad, but show each item separately in a new post. You will gain a clearer radvertising on social media and richer content On their fanpage.

3rd Principle - You decide what the customer should look at

Creating social media advertising, In fact, it is largely up to you to decide where to direct the customer's attention on your graphics. It's a good idea to include images in such a design, graphic elements that will direct his gaze to the place you care about, such as to the visualization of the product, or to the CTA button.
Such simple treatments can be photographs of a person looking in the direction of the item you want to highlight. Looking at such a person will naturally look in the same direction. Also, an arrow can be a good idea, which will similarly point to the place you want to draw attention to. These pointers will certainly increase the value of the prepared graphic creations. 

4th Principle - Encourage but don't push away

Statistically, every day we can face up to 20 thousand advertising messages! This is really a lot, which is why a significant number of companies rely on aggressive graphic creations, which are meant to catch attention and stand out from the rest.
Bright colors, big slogans - yes it works to a certain extent, but you should not care about the displays themselves, but the effects from this advertising. Think about what kind of social media advertising click and translate that experience into your own. Design ads that put a premium on images - it's an undeniable fact that images are more likely to get clicked on, not text alone!

5. Customers will appreciate the quality and commitment

Everyone likes pretty things. A somewhat cliché statement, but it is an undeniable fact! Unfortunately, many companies, treating quality in a low light, take advantage of the free graphics Or pictures of mediocre quality. You don't have to follow in their footsteps! Therefore, bet on high-quality photos. If they were additionally your author's photographs - a revelation!
Remember, as we have mentioned more than once, many brands use stock photos, i.e. free graphics and photos, Which are duplicated on the web. This does not have a good effect on the credibility of your advertising. The more natural and authentic the photography, the more trust you build among your potential customers!

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