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How to create effective social media posts?

How to create effective social media posts?
Creating engaging content for social media is quite a challenge, which first of all requires recognizing the target audience and the style of communication that will reach representatives of this group.
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Keep in mind that we will use a different language for generation Z, a different one for millenials, and it will look completely different for our social media content if we style our posts for specific industries. For example, engineers require specifics, emoji and slogans are not important to them, but expertise and a clear message. For the aforementioned Generation Z, it will be completely different. This target group even requires emotionality, saturation of emoji, slogans, and the best content for them will be primarily memes. For them, this is the best way to communicate on social media and the most engaging. 

Therefore, in order to consciously and successively create a effective posts on FB whether for other social media, content marketing strategy is extremely important. Especially since well-crafted content not only increases the chance of sales, but also influences the previously mentioned community engagement, which translates into more shares, comments and reactions under the posts. And this is precisely the goal of content marketing. 

For the expected results, we have prepared 4 rules for creating engaging content in the social media, which will make your posts more valuable!

Know your target audience

This is the first and most essential step. Thinking about the nature of target group, for which you want to create social media content. You're probably wondering, How to identify the target group? It's simple.Think about who is the person who belongs to your target group, Your business to whom you are directing your message. Is it a woman or a man? What is her age? Does she live in a large or small city? Statistics from Google Analytics can be helpful in this regard, which will show the demographics of visitors to your business website. If you have already conducted activities in social media also check the statistics on the profiles you run. This will give you an idea of who to target with your content and what language to use in your communication - yes, as we mentioned, you will address a 20-year-old woman quite differently than a 60-year-old man.

Another item on the list is competitor research, check what kind of audiences interact with a competing brand's posts and whether it is an engaged community. Remember, good research is the basis of good communication! Through such activities you will get to know target group, who are also very likely to be interested in your product/service.

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Think about what you want to communicate and what your audience is looking for

It is not true that good copy must be short! If you run an educational profile and share your knowledge, your audience will be happy to read a longer post. On the other hand, if you own a physical product, you don't necessarily need to elaborate on all its features in one post. In that case, you can make a series of posts on the topic and have ideas ready for the next months.Taka content marketing strategy will certainly bring the expected results. 

Already knowing your target group and what kind of content they are looking for, prepare a monthly plan for publishing posts. This way it will be easier for you to focus on the content of a given post and on sticking to a specific topic. Work out how many posts per month you want to publish (4, 8 or maybe 12?), how many of them will be on a particular topic (e.g., 3 posts about your company's offerings, 2 posts about what's new in your industry and 3 posts from the implementation of a service you offer) and stick to the schedule you set.

At the end of each month, also check the statistics from the activities in the last period, this way you can easily see which posts are building more engagement.

WUse engaging words

You only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention, use them wisely! Use catchy headlines, don't forget about CTAs (call to action, i.e. calls to action, e.g. "call", "come to our website", "make an appointment today") and most importantly - pay attention to the grammatical and stylistic correctness of your content. This is very important, as it speaks volumes about the quality of your social media content, especially if you are building a role as an expert mistakes in posts will negatively affect your image. Details matter. If you are concerned about errors in the preparation of your content, you can use free online text-checking tools (e.g. or hire a professional proofreader for this purpose.

Content that contains errors will make you lose credibility in the eyes of your audience. Users often catch them themselves and there are times when they will write a comment about it, which can negatively affect the image of your business.

Remember to make the text easy to read

If content, which you prepare for social media has a short form, make your content stand out in character and be easy to remember. Have your style and make it consistent. For long content, avoid writing in a sequence, do spacing and paragraphs. Use emoji in a correct way and don't exaggerate their number. The text may then seem aggressive, which is usually not our intention. Finally effective Facebook posts need to be refined. 

Before planning your content for the next month, use the 4 principles we've indicated and create a content made-to-measure! Trust the creation process, and over time you will find that creating engaging content is indeed a difficult art, but one that can be mastered.

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