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How much does a website cost? Current prices and factors affecting the cost of a website

How much does a website cost | Two Colours article
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How much a website costs depends on many factors. Learn about the key elements that affect the final price of a website, and find out how accurately specifying your needs and functionality can affect your project's budget. We provide specific price ranges for a standard website, online store and landing page, along with pricing for many additional functionalities.
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        From this article you will learn that:

  • Factors influencing how much it costs to create a website include the type of website, the extent of development, coding methods, additional functionality and requirements.
  • There are specialists, both companies and independent freelancers, who provide sites created on ready-made templates.
  • The cost of creating a website on the WordPress platform varies and depends on the client's needs.
  • Among others, there are such types of websites as a landing page, a standard website, an online store. The price of each of them will oscillate around different amounts.
  • The price of making a website may change depending on additional functionality.
  • The choice of coding method for a website affects its price, functionality and performance.
  • Page Builder is a tool for those who want to quickly launch a page with full control over editing.
  • Dedicated coding provides faster page speed, but is more costly.
  • Technical support is an important part of taking care of the site after it is done.

website cost

What affects the cost of creating a website?

The final cost of a website depends on many factors, so it is difficult to estimate it clearly. In this article we will take a closer look at these components and present the most common practices in pricing a website.

To better illustrate this, let's compare creating a website to decorating a house or apartment. When you decide to furnish an interior, you have to choose between low-cost solutions that meet basic needs and high-quality furnishings that add luxury and convenience. The same goes for a website, the cost depends on the choice of functions, the quality of the design and the individual needs and requirements. If you are renting an investment apartment, you may opt for basic furniture, but if you want to furnish your own apartment, you may want to go for better materials and more advanced solutions.

The same is true of website design. We may want just a basic business card site that will do the job, but we can also opt for an elaborate site with many features and a custom design. The final pricing depends on the scope of work, the technology we want to use, and whether we need additional features, which are priced separately.

There are specialists, both companies and independent freelancers, who are able to deliver in a week a low-cost website created on a ready-made template, personalizing it with your visuals and content. Such solutions are relatively easy to price and are often presented in the form of packages with a varying range of features. 

If all you care about is a simple online presence or a simple business card site, there are many platforms, such as Wix, that allow you to create sites yourself without any programming knowledge. Nevertheless, in this article we will focus on the costs associated with professional website development using the WordPress platform, based on the example of the offer of our agency Two Colours. Included in the prices you will learn about in the article are the 3 main stages of website development (prototyping, graphic design, coding), as well as optimization of the site for speed and a warranty period.

The actual cost may vary depending on the choice of website contractor - novice freelancers may offer lower rates, while larger agencies serving large companies may have higher prices.

It is also important to remember that the graphic design of the site itself is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, many of the functionalities that are at the heart of the site are not immediately visible to the average user or are only available to administrators. Additional features can significantly affect the final cost of a project. In this article, we will present examples of the functionality that is most commonly implemented on sites.

website prices

Let's take a closer look at three categories of websites: 

  • landing page,
  • standard website,
  • online store.

The first and most important question that should come to mind is: What kind of site do I actually need?

Landing page - what is the cost?

A landing page, also known as a landing page, is usually a A one page site presenting basic information about a person, company or organization, such as name, brief description and contact information. It is also often the page a user goes to as soon as he or she clicks on a link from an advertisement, promotional email, social media post or other forms of marketing. Its main purpose is to encourage the user to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, downloading an e-book or registering for an event.

cost of creating a landing page

Sample landing page

A landing page will be a good choice for businesses that:

  1. Promote a specific product or service: if a company is launching a new product or special offer, a landing page is a great tool to focus the user's attention on that particular offer.
  2. They run advertising campaigns: Landing pages are often used in paid advertising campaigns (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads) to redirect users to a specific offer.
  3. Collect data from users: for companies looking to collect data from users, such as email addresses as part of an email marketing campaign.
  4. They are testing the market: Companies may want to test interest in a new offering or product before implementing a full-scale campaign or site.

How much does a landing page cost?

Price per Minimally designed, simple landing page, consisting of up to 4 sections (ideal for an e-book or webinar), in our agency oscillates around 2000 PLN net. In turn, for an advanced design of a one page, consisting of 10 sections and enriched with rich graphic details, you should spend about 4500 PLN net..

Your landing page may need additional functionality, such as:

  • Integration with mailing database. This functionality allows you to collect email addresses of site visitors, usually via a subscription form. With this integration, the site owner can easily send newsletters, promotions, updates or other email notifications to interested recipients. This is an important tool for building relationships with customers and keeping them engaged.
the cost of the subscription form on the website

Sample subscription form

  • Forms with built-in calculators - price 300-1500 PLN net. These are interactive tools on the site that help users make various calculations, such as a cost calculator, credit calculator or calorie calculator. They can be tailored to a company's specific business, offering visitors valuable information and answers to their questions.
the cost of the calculator on the website

Example calculator

The cost of a professional landing page ranges from 3,000 to as much as 10,000 PLN net.

It should also be taken into account that the cost of developing content for a landing page is generally not included in the basic quote. This is a separate investment, the value of which oscillates in the range of PLN 400 to 1500 net If you decide to go for it.

You can read more at: Creating a landing page.

Website - what is the cost?

A standard website is a multi-page site designed to present complete information about a company, product or service. Its content is diverse and includes various tabs and types of content, such as: 

  • company history, mission, 
  • services, 
  • products, 
  • blog, 
  • contact pages, etc. 

A website includes navigational elements, such as a menu with tabs and links to various subpages, allowing the user to easily move between different sections and content. The design of such a site can be more complex and diverse, with multiple sections and tabs.

how much does a website cost

Sample website

Standard A website is advisable for businesses that:

  1. They want to build the brand: The website provides complete information about the company, its mission, values and products/services. 
  2. Offer many products or services: Companies with a wide range of products or services need a standard website to effectively showcase everything they have to offer.
  3. They want to provide content on a regular basis: Businesses that blog, publish articles or updates need a site that allows them to easily add and organize content.
  4. They plan a long-term online presence: A standard website that grows and evolves as the company grows is an investment for many years, much more durable than, for example, a landing page prepared for a particular advertising campaign.

How much does a website cost?

The price of a new website varies significantly depending on the details selected and the specifications of the graphic design. For those looking for minimalist aesthetics and functionality, prices start at around £4500 net, taking into account the simple design. In case the customer expects more advanced and detailed graphic design and needs an extensive website, the cost oscillates between 6000-7000 PLN net. The prices indicated are for a standard site structure, including such tabs as: 

  • Home page, 
  • about us, 
  • services/products, 
  • Contact,
  • privacy policy.

If a company is considering expanding its site to include additional information subpages, additional costs will need to be incurred. The price for each additional tab ranges from £500 to £1,500 net and is calculated based on the number of sections contained in each subpage and the level of development.

The website can also be equipped with additional functionalities, which are presented in the section about the landing page and:

  • Blog - price about 800-1500 zloty net. This is a section on the site where the owner can regularly publish articles on various topics related to the industry, products, services or other topics of interest. It helps build authority in the field, attract traffic to the site and improve search engine positioning.
how much does a blog on a website cost

Sample blog on the website

  • Custom posts (Custom posts) - price 800-2000 PLN net.. These are custom post templates designed to meet specific needs on the site. In practice, if you have a series of similar content, such as services, products or portfolios, that require a uniform, personalized layout, but differ in content or images, this is when you can use custom posts. They allow you to present content in a more organized way, maintaining uniformity and professionalism, especially when you have a variety of content in multiple categories. 
  • Calendar of events or bookings - price 400-1500 PLN net. The functionality allows users to browse available dates and make reservations or sign-ups for events directly through your website. This is essential for businesses offering services for a specific date, such as hotels, restaurants or hair salons.
the cost of the booking calendar on the website

Sample booking calendar

  • Multilingualism - price of about 5-8% of page value. Modern technology makes it possible to introduce additional language on the site in an extremely efficient way. Using artificial intelligence, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional translation. This makes your site accessible to a wide audience around the world, increasing its potential reach.
  • Pop-up (pop-up windows) - price 100-300 PLN net. Pop-up windows are a short-lived but effective tool for attracting user attention. They can appear after a certain amount of time spent on the site or when the user is about to leave the site (known as exit pop-ups). They are often used to promote special offers, encourage newsletter sign-ups or inform about important updates. Properly designed and placed at the right time, they can significantly increase engagement on the site.
how much does a pop-up on a website cost

Example of a pop-up window

In a professionally made website usually need to invest an amount in the range of 4500 to 15000 PLN net.

The full offer is presented on the website: Web design and development

Online store - what is the cost?

A website with a store is a specially designed e-commerce platform that is designed not only to present information about a company, but, more importantly, to allow the purchase of products or services online. Its content is centered around the product catalog, shopping cart system and purchasing process, but can also include such tabs as the company's history, mission statement, blog or contact pages. 

In an online store, the key is navigation elements, such as a menu of product categories, filtering of offers, or a footer with links to important sections, so that the customer can easily browse the offer and make purchases.

how much does an online store cost

Example of an online store

Standard The online store is suitable for businesses that:

  1. They want to sell products or services online: The online store allows companies to reach a wide range of customers online, regardless of their location.
  2. They have a diverse range: Companies with a wide range of products need an online store to effectively present and categorize their assortment.
  3. They want to automate the sales process: The online store automates many aspects of the sales process, from order acceptance to fulfillment and shipping.

How much does a website with a store cost?

For those who appreciate simplicity and minimalist design, The cost of an online store in an agency starts from about 8000 PLN net. Such a proposal is primarily aimed at businesses with a limited range of products, up to 10 items. The following tabs are included in such an amount: 

  • Home page with one promotional banner
  • About Us / About Me
  • Product categories
    • Simple product template 
  • Contact
  • Basket
  • My Account
  • Returns policy
  • Delivery and payment
  • Privacy Policy
  • Regulations

The cost of an additional bookmark on a website with a store oscillates between 700-1500 PLN net..

You should also add to the cost of the online store useful functionalities, such as:

  • Automatic invoicing - price 300-500 PLN net. Automating the invoicing process allows invoices to be created based on orders placed without manual data entry. This can significantly save time, especially for companies with a large number of transactions.
  • Integration with Allegro - price 800-1500 PLN net. This integration allows you to automatically synchronize bids, manage auctions and process orders directly from the online store panel.
  • Integration with a shipping company - price 300-1500 PLN net. It allows you to automatically connect your online store with a third-party courier company. This allows orders to be automatically forwarded to the courier company, greatly speeding up the shipping process and reducing errors.
the cost of integration with the shipping company on the site

An example of how to choose a shipping company

  • Affiliate program - price 1000-2000 PLN net. Affiliate programs are a marketing strategy that allows you to partner with others to promote your site or product. In exchange for customer referrals or sales, the affiliate receives a commission. Implementing such a program on your site requires specialized solutions that monitor partner activities and automatically calculate commissions.
  • Membership (Membership) - price 500-1500 PLN net. Online membership is a special feature of the site, where access to certain content is limited and reserved only for users with an active membership account. This allows you to offer exclusive content, courses or discounts to only a select few, increasing the value of your offer and engaging users.
cost of membership on the website

Example of online membership selection

  • E-learning platform - price 1000-2000 PLN net. It's a specialized site for publishing, managing and selling online courses. With e-learning platforms, you can offer training courses, webinar recordings or lessons in an interactive form, track participants' progress and award certificates of completion
  • Subscription payments - price about PLN 1000 net. Automatic subscription payments are a key tool for many online businesses. They allow you to automatically debit a customer's account at regular intervals, which is ideal for a subscription-based business model or recurring service fees.
  • Custom "thank you" page - price 200-500 PLN net. After making a purchase or other important action on the site, the user is redirected to a thank you page. Custom pages of this type are designed to increase customer engagement, thank the customer for making a choice and often direct them to the next steps in the sales process.
cost of a customized thank you page on the website

Custom "thank you" page

  • Custom filters in product categories - price 200-500 PLN net. These filters allow users to search product categories in a more precise and customized way. They make it easier to find exactly what they are looking for by sorting by various criteria, such as price, brand or product features.

As you can see, the final price of an online store depends on a huge number of factors and in some cases can reach up to PLN 25,000 net. However, in practice Most often, the store designs close to a dozen thousand zlotys. In addition, it is worth keeping in mind the potential costs associated with copywriting.

View our offer creation of online stores (e-commerce).

Ways to create websites 

Once you know what kind of site you need, it's time to choose how it will be coded - this also affects the final price. Which way you choose to create a website will also have a big impact on its future operation and modification options

Each method or tool you decide to choose carries certain advantages and disadvantages, so it's worth thinking carefully about your priorities. Do you care about making the site easy to edit on your own? Or is optimal site performance, minimizing additional plugins and loading speed crucial to you? Choosing the right technology and method for creating a site will directly affect these aspects.

Ready-made template (not recommended)

If you're looking for the cheapest way to create a website, ready-made WordPress templates may be a good option. They offer many benefits, but also some limitations. When you opt for a ready-made template, you purchase a theme that comes with predefined page templates. After purchasing and installing the theme, the next step is to replace the default content with your text and images.

Advantages of using pre-made templates is primarily a low cost compared to a custom-designed site, quick implementation and the ability to easily edit text and images, making them very intuitive to use.

Nevertheless, when using pre-made templates, you must adapt to the layout and style that the template offers. If you have a pre-designed artwork, it may not be possible to adapt it to a pre-made template. Often, you are also limited by the functionality and editing options that the template offers. In addition, some of them require the installation of many additional plug-ins, which can negatively affect the speed of the site. 

We do not recommend using this approach to create a site and prefer other, more personalized methods.

ways of creating websites

Page Builder

Page Builder is a tool that allows you to graphically design and configure the appearance of your website. It can function as a plug-in for the WordPress content management system or be an integral part of certain page templates.

When is it worth choosing Page Builder?

Page Builder is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an attractively priced way to create a website, yet want to get it up and running quickly and have full control over editing.

Small businesses, bloggers, personal brand creators or those who want to promote a specific offer through a landing page will find it an invaluable helper. You can also successfully create a small online store with it. The biggest advantage is the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to customize the page.

What should I take care of when using Page Builder?

Despite Page Builder's many advantages, there are a few issues worth noting. The most important of these is optimize page load speed, especially when viewed on mobile devices. Fortunately, with the right tools, such as optimization plugins, you can achieve satisfactory results even for sites built with the help of a graphic designer.

Elementor and low-code technology

Elementor is one of the best-known page builders on the market, which operates on the basis of low-code technology. Low-code is An approach to developing applications or websites with minimal use of hand coding, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the creation process.

Thanks to Elementor, which is a plugin for WordPress, even people with no programming experience can create simple websites. Its drag-and-drop interface makes designing and modifying a page not only simpler, but also more intuitive than classic coding.

Dedicated coding 

In the world of web development, there are many tools that make the process easier, but for those looking for unquestionable quality, speed and optimization, dedicated coding is the number one choice.

Benefits of clean code

The main idea of custom coding is to create pages "from scratch", using as few characters as possible. Here the programmer does not use ready-made templates, but creates everything himself, taking care of the cleanliness of the code. Thanks to this The site is lighter, clearer in terms of code and easier to optimize. Fewer additional plug-ins not only speed up the site, but also make it more stable and secure.


Why invest in dedicated coding? Pages created this way are much easier to optimize for speed tests. 


Gutenberg is a native WordPress editor based on the block system. While it has an intuitive visual interface, it also allows advanced coding of dedicated and custom blocks. For specialists and developers, this means more possibilities.

However, sites created with these advanced features can be as much as 50-100% more expensive.. But for the price, you get significant benefits in terms of minimal plug-ins, easy editing of the site from ready-made components and maximum site speed.

Costs after the page

The costs associated with a website do not end once the development process is complete. Technical support, SEO optimization, and domain and server renewal are key elements to ensure the smooth functioning of the site after its completion.

the cost of technical support for the website

Technical support after the creation of the site

Modern sites use a variety of plug-ins that not only increase the functionality of the site, but also affect its security and performance. Many times these plug-ins are paid and require regular updates, which are part of technical support. It is worth mentioning that licenses for these tools often need to be renewed annually. The cost of such a license can range from a dozen to as much as PLN 800 for the most advanced ones (such as. Woocommerce Subscriptions or Learndash).

As an agency, we are experienced in managing these plug-ins and often have licenses in the highest package, so Many of our customers can use these tools as part of an ongoing relationship. Our customers also do not have to worry about additional costs or license renewals. 

Technical support is not only updates to plug-ins, but also ongoing care of the site, responding to any problems and expanding the site according to the customer's needs. For more information on website support, see the article: 3 reasons why you should use technical support?

SEO optimization

A website is not just about its appearance or functionality. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to increasing a site's online visibility. Good SEO involves regular updates, adapting to changing search engine algorithms and monitoring website traffic.

However, taking care of SEO also carries certain costs. Among the most important of these are:

  • Fees for keyword analysis and monitoring tools,
  • Costs associated with hiring specialists or SEO agencies,
  • investment in quality content and regular training to learn about the latest trends and changes in search engine algorithms.

Of course, working with an agency, all additional costs are already included in the established monthly budget. 

When taking care of search engine optimization, you need to be aware that it is a long-term investment that can bring significant benefits in the future.

Domain and server renewal

Finally, it is still worth mentioning the need to renew the domain and server. A domain is a net cost of about £50-100 per year, While the cost of a server starts from as little as PLN 100 per year. These two elements are the foundation for any site and guarantee its continued availability to users. 

With all these aspects in mind, it is worth considering a comprehensive cooperation with an agency that will ensure the stability and development of your site on the web.

Can investing in a professional website pay off?

Imagine that your website is a salesman who represents your company and sells its services or products. To be effective, it not only needs to look good, but also have the right skills to sell effectively.

When you invest in a professionally designed website, it's like buying a good suit (design) for your salesman from a top designer and providing him with training (functionality) in the most effective sales techniques. Such a site, like a qualified employee, is no longer a cost to your business - it's an investment that begins to yield tangible returns in a short time.

So is it worth spending several thousand on a website? The answer is YESif you want your online business card to not only look beautiful, but also effectively attract customers and generate profits. Remember that a good first impression can be the key to success in the digital world. By investing in a professional website, you are investing in the future and growth of your business.


  1. To summarize: what determines the final price of a website? The key determinant of cost is the type of site you want to create. It can be a simple landing page, known as a landing page, a more elaborate professional website containing company or product information, or a complex online store designed to sell online.
  2. Increase in the number of subpages or bookmarks on the site can also affect its final price.
  3. In addition, the cost may increase additional functionalities, such as contact forms and integrations with other systems.
  4. Method of implementation and creation of the page is another important factor. Some may choose pre-made templates or use tools like Page Builder for a faster and simpler implementation, while others may opt for dedicated coding, which provides faster page speed but can significantly increase the cost. 
  5. Once the site design is finalized, the next steps, such as Update plug-ins, license, domain and server renewal, represent an investment in the continuous improvement and operation of your site. Such measures ensure that your site remains secure, up-to-date and effectively attracts customers. 

We hope that with this article you have a better understanding of where the differences in web development costs come from. If you are curious about exactly how much your project could cost - you are welcome to make an appointment for free consultation!

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