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Profitable Marketing Your Company on the Internet

We can help you increase sales, save time, systematize and make it easier to do business and accelerate its development.

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Agency Marketing
Two Colours Agency blue team
The brainchild of our agency

The operational brain of Two Colours is the marketing department - focused on results, profitability and performance. Here we use advertising to promote products and brands.

Agency Interactive
Two Colours interactive agency team
The heart of our agency

The heart of Two Colours is the interactive department - focused on creativity, beauty and care. Here we create digital products, create brands and take care of their service.

Marketing agency Krakow | Two Colours
Team blue
Focused on results, profitability and performance.

Agency marketing

Marketing online

We will increase sales in your company with the help of marketing
Online results-oriented. We will use the following for this
Among others, campaigns Google Ads, advertising Meta Ads, SEO optimization or Google business card positioning.

We can also promote your product or service with webinars.

Marketing agency online strategies

Social Media

We will create a loyal community for your brand in the social media. Your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Tiktok will attract an engaging
communications, graphic creation and video.

Online advertising campaign management Krakow
Services decoration
Interactive agency Krakow
Team yellow
Focused on creativity, beauty and care.

Agency interactive

Website development

With passion and commitment we will make for your
companies dedicated project website, seller
e-commerce store or converting landing page.

After all, you can rely on our support

Creative and innovative advertising campaigns for companies


Creativity and sense of aesthetics of our graphic designers
knows no boundaries. We will make for you a beautiful and thoughtful
logo design, brand identification and we will make graphics
, as well as for printing.

Modern interactive agency Two Colours
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Latest projects

    What it looks like comprehensive cooperation



    Writing down assumptions and guidelines for the project

    We start with a good understanding of your company, market, competition and goals. We discuss the details in a video call, writing down the assumptions and guidelines of the project, which allows us to shape the first ideas and start working together.



    In-depth market and brand analysis

    We study the industry, the competition and your brand, selecting strategies and campaigns optimized for its needs. Our main goal at this stage is to gather as much useful information as possible for further work.


    Strategy and implementation

    Working on the project

    We develop a personalized strategy and schedule of activities. We implement the planned concepts, from web and graphic design to marketing campaigns, engaging the selected methods and tools.


    Optimization and monitoring

    A thorough check of the effectiveness of the measures

    Each project goes through a testing and optimization stage, and the progress of each marketing activity is monitored and reported. We make sure that everything works as it should and meets the established criteria.


    Implementation and technical support

    Careful implementation of projects and technical care

    Our services do not stop at providing ready-made solutions. We ensure that each component is prepared and implemented with the utmost precision. We also offer professional technical support and consulting after the project is completed.


    Analysis of results and follow-up

    Future plans

    After a project or campaign is completed, we analyze the results, discuss successes and areas for improvement, planning possible next steps and strategies for further development of your brand online.

    Online business development support from Two Colours
    Why Two Colours?

    • Gaminate owners
    • Robert Samaruk - Gaminate
    • Gaminate

      Gaminate co-owners
      Recommended as owners of the Gaminate brand - Piotr Tytyk  

      A very reliable agency. We just implemented our new website - we are very pleased with the professional approach and commitment. - Robert Samaruk
    • Adam Przemyk

      Co-owner of the Entrepreneurship Club
      I am delighted with the cooperation with Two Colours Agency. Always the highest quality of services provided, full professionalism, super customer service. The owners develop the agency with great passion. I recommend to everyone! 🙂
    • Karol Chojnacki

      Co-founder of
      One of the best contractors we work with. Knowledgeable team, great and fast contact. I recommend without a second thought 🙂

    Comprehensive agency e-marketing

    We've got what it takes to ensure your company's online success

    At our internet marketing agency, we create unique strategies that translate into real success for your business online. Whether it's SEO, social media, marketing campaigns, website development, comprehensive brand identity, or assistance with process automation, we have the tools and expertise to make your brand stand out.

    When you choose our agency, you are choosing a partner who, above all, knows how you can achieve your goals.

    Web development agency Two Colours

    What we highlights


    We attach importance to deadlines, anticipate and quickly solve problems, taking full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us.


    We manage projects and set realistic deadlines, always presenting solutions and alternatives to the problems encountered.

    Good communication

    We are transparent in communication, sharing progress and challenges, and always respond to messages.


    We promote development by creating instructions for repetitive tasks and sharing our knowledge. We focus on the well-being of your brand.

    Have fun

    We value a good working atmosphere. We promote positive energy, relaxation and inclusion, celebrating successes and appreciating each other.

    20+ Specialists and AI at your service

    Your interactive agency

    We combine the forces of many specialists from different fields - from talented graphic designers to developers to masters of marketing campaigns and SEO. A key player in our team is also AI Assistant I.R.I.S. - our collaborator. Artificial intelligence not only speeds up and improves our work, but also shows new horizons that once seemed impossible to reach. 

    We are an agency that follows the trends of the future. We find creative solutions for even the most demanding tasks. 

    Book mobile background Book background

    Read this book, before you commission someone to create a website

    10 things that will save you money Tens of hours of your time and thousands of zlotys of the company's marketing budget.

    Website development book

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    Agency marketing and interactive in Kraków

    The art of effective marketing

    Are you looking for a professional internet marketing agency in Krakow? Our team of experts specializes in website development, effective online advertising campaigns, as well as graphic and logo design. As an SEO agency, we will also improve your brand's online visibility.

    Our services also include social media management and content marketing. Discover how we can support your online business.